New template - Reminders

We’ve added a new ‘Reminders’ template to the gallery:

As the name suggests, it adds reminder functionality to your workspace.

It’s really simple to use:
just start typing #Remind me anywhere you want to set a future-dated reminder for yourself, and then pick how far ahead you want to be reminded.
Start typing

In this case, you’ll then get a notification in 1 day’s time :alarm_clock:

You can define your own custom options for the number of days ahead, if 1, 7 and 30 don’t suit.


Hah! OK, this is a clever way to set this up and is kind of cool. But… I have to ask, will Reminders always need to be handled this way?

I know Fibery’s whole “thing” is basically to do everything with the “flexible domain” pieces (databases, automations, etc.) that you can connect and configure together. But man… I really feel like “reminders” as a class of thing need special attention. Maybe the way I set my basic ones up in my current workspaces could be improved on, but I have a hard time imagining how fully generalized functionality is going to provide as smooth and useful a set of functionality as dedicated task management tools can… I’d love to see an Extension for it one day.

Sorry if this rant is off-topic for this template. I do appreciate it being created and shared, because it does add cool functionality! Just… with yet another database.


This reminder functionality is only really intended to be a simple workaround. You’re totally right that Fibery will need improvements in reminders (and notifications in general) but until we have the resources to get this done, I just hope this template might be usable/useful for some people.


Thank you, I think it will! I appreciate you figuring this out and sharing it in the meantime. :slight_smile:

Very good to see a push for reminders and other dedicated functionality from task management tools. I too am patiently waiting for things like proper notifications, comments, etc. and will continue to do so, but would really like the team to consider adding more of that stuff. I have been here a while and I feel like Fibery won’t have a chance at wider adoption until some of this stuff is delivered. But as I say, it’s still the best solution out there!

So please team add my big vote of support for full-on reminders, extension would be good as @Oshyan suggests here!