September 14, 2023 / 👍 Emoji reactions in comments, experimental Views creation via AI

:+1: Emoji reactions in comments

We’re continuing Fibery emojification :mouse2::heart::rabbit2:. Now you can react on comments. Find Add reaction icon in the top right corner to add the first reaction.

2023-09-14 11.32.25

When someone reacts to your comment, you will get a notification in your Inbox. New filter Reacted to comment is also added into Inbox.

Note that emoji reactions work only for entity-level comments, inline comments do not have them.

:space_invader: Experimental Views creation via AI

We are slowly nailing how to use AI for Fibery configuration. I hope we have a good vision now, but we still need to learn and gather more examples from you. With this release you can create Views via AI prompts (with some limitations).

Click + near Space name and select AI View option.

Then describe what you want to see using plain language. You can use prompts like this:

Show all not done features created by me

Create a board that shows features as cards and states as columns. Show features that have no assigned users only.

Create a map that shows employees location

Show all features where open bugs count is greater than zero

Here is how it works:

:hatched_chick: Limitations:

  • It does not work for Form and Report (so far).
  • Sorting and Color coding are not supported.
  • Quite often AI creates complex filters that we can’t display as UI elements in Filter area, so here we degrade to a basic text explanation.
  • It is not possible to create AI Views in My Space.

:lion: Power:

  • AI can create relatively complex filters that are not possible to create via UI. For example, if you have Features and Bugs, you may ask it to Show all features that have at least two open bugs, and it will create a filter based on bugs collection filter (which is not possible via UI).

Please try to create views via AI and share your successes and failures with us via Intercom or in this community thread.

:rightwards_hand: Open left menu context menu with right click

Context menu in the left menu can now be summoned by a usual right click, not only via the ••• button:

As a bonus, there are more actions in the menu now, and they are more consistent with context menus elsewhere.

:earth_asia: World integration: move emojis from Country name to icon

Countries selection has gotten prettier, especially for Windows users:

Now that we have a dedicated Icon Field, we have removed the flags from Countries’ names, so they don’t mess with export and auto-linking rules.

Sync Country integration Database to reap the benefits.

:butterfly: Improvements

Inbox batch actions respects filters now, so you can filter Inbox and apply batch actions only to filtered notifications.

:older_man: Grid View improvements and fixes

Grid Views becomes more and more stable. We miss just few features and few dozens bug fixes to replace current Table View with Grid View. In this release we were focusing on bug fixes mostly:

  • Rich Text is added as an icon unit in Grid View (poor man’s solution so far)
  • Style was improved here and there
  • Wrong ‘Add new column’ pop-up position
  • If you add a new row with shift+enter the ability to open a row using the space bar seems to be broken.
  • ‘Add new field’ pop-up stays expanded after field creation
  • Wrong filter, sort and color coding look for one-database grid
  • Ignore Button column in generated during export csv file
  • Relation grid sometimes fails to be loaded after opening relation settings or switching b/w relation views
  • 2 cells selection after changing value so entity moved in another place according to sorting
  • Creating new field in Grid lacks scroll in Fields pop-up
  • Missing permissions check on adding new field from column

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Drag menu item by its add / edit popup
  • Light theme + dark left menu mode issues in Search and Inbox
  • Relation linker. Link rule is not calculated for one-to-many, if several source items match one relation item
  • Import: Use random color for just created space
  • Formula field loses a backslash after saving
  • Space creation in Import: submit should happen on Enter after user provided space name
  • Formula: don’t put extra square brackets if they are already present
  • Sort: sort expressions for Lists are ignored if they are different for two databases
  • Relation linker. Incorrect calculation for crazy 1-to-1 case
  • Cursor jumps when editing Database Name
  • ‘Move database to another space’ does not work from Edit fields pop-up and returns error

Nice! Thanks for all the fixes and cleanup. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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This is great! Been waiting for the ability to simply have an emoji to indicate “I read it” on comments…

And sorry this might be the wrong place for this, but since we have such a helpful community…I just noticed the filter on the inbox, another nice feature! What are “resolved” comments though? Is this perhaps an upcoming feature related to this request:


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I did not expect this and it’s super cool! I’ll try to play around with this soon and give feedback if I can.

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Can we use the AI to edit these filters after creation?


Not yet, but we’re consistently working on AI improvements.


AI Views are really nice touch, but:

And some all grids are broken same way too after update.

Hmm, it should be a temporary step in view creation, since Grid has auto-resize algorithm. So when you create Grid View manually you see the same?

I had few Grids and after update all of them has some columns narrow - URLs, some single selects, short texts, etc.

We will check this. To fix the layout, click in a column and select Fit all columns action.
Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 1.35.06 PM

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Indeed we reproduced this problem. Will make sure it will not happen in next updates

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This is from in-line comments. We do have plans to introduce something like that for usual comments, but it is to early to say how it will work.

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Hi this is a great update.

One thing. I’m on Windows 11 and starting perhaps 1 week ago (maybe 2) I’m having 2 issues with grid view:

  1. Randomly I go to a view and columns have extended - the first column, name is the biggest offender - so it’s so wide it’s way off the screen, I have to zoom out a lot, and then drag it back over.
  2. When adding new columns, some other columns will just grow to 5x their size.
    Also, 3) something I don’t recall noticing before but it’s a time suck: Whenever I add a new row to a gride view, it gets rid of all the columns that I previously had and I need to start over.

And, of course, (4) I look forward to grid view embeds!!!

BTW, regarding your comment reactions, another poster mentioned that this helps him enable user to click “read” - I agree, that is a huge improvement.

Can you suggest the best way to accomplish this inline? Like if you I write a “daily update” - I don’t want to start a comment thread - I just want everyone who read it to indicate having done so. Thoughts?

Great work!

What is “daily update”?

I update all my management team, so it’s like 2 paragraphs and maybe some bullet points. It’s the rich text field of an entity that presents like a “Doc”. Every day I add the day’s update - it’s always under an H2 - and I’d like to have a way for each reader to indicate they’ve read it. Same things applies to Docs we create (though we use the rich text field of entities for “Docs” usually).

Got it, then I hope it will be possible with this feature release. Basically, it will be possible to add Reactions Blocks to any document or rich text into any place.
We are going to add it next, since it is based on comment reaction service.


Great release again :smile::smile:

That’s awesome!

We currently have built our own ‘separate notification solution’. It’s basically a replacement of Slack.

Goal: send a notification/update to team members about stuff that isn’t related to a task or other entity in Fibery.

Example: update team members about the latest release and the impact of that release for our workspace.


  • Notification database
  • Entity per subject/thread
  • You mention the users directly in the comments.

The mentioned users will get a normal notification in-app. They also have a simple view with the ‘threads’ where they are mentioned.

Would be awesome if Fibery can provide something like this as native functionality as well :star_struck:

I don’t fully get the use case, maybe you can add some details or record a short Loom?

Yes :slight_smile:

Normal situation

  • We create a comment within a task
  • We mention the user
  • The user gets a notification via Inbox


But what if you want to send a comment/notification to a team member but it’s not related to a task, note, etc?

  • Let’s say you want to inform your team member because you will start 2 hours later tomorrow morning
  • Then you don’t have a place where you can create a comment (since there is no entity for this)
  • So then we create a ‘notification’ entity in the notification database
  • We mention the users
  • They will get the normal notification via inbox


This is our solution for now. When a team member is mentioned, via script they will be added to the entity so that it also shows in their notifications view.

Would be great if Fibery can offer a native solution.

So end goal
Send a notification via Fibery to a team member when you want to ask something or update them and you don’t have a normal entity where you can add the comment (like a task, note, project).

Hope it’s more clear now :slight_smile: Let me know if you need more to understand the use case.

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