Improvements to comments

  1. DONE. Allow users to reply to specific comments
  2. Know when a comment has been seen
  3. DONE. Add a reaction to a comment (similar to teams) so that you can show you’ve seen it or will action it.


Noted everything, thanks!

This came up today for my team. I have people who receive 100s of comments/messages each week.
Sometimes they want to indicate that something was seen. But mostly it is a quick way of not needing to reply and mention everyone that is relevant to comment again.

Side Note:
Also, something that would be fun if added is an equivalent to Asana’s Appreciations.

I was able to create a close replica of this using a hidden field and a button automation, but it would be nice if I could add that button to the comments area.

Here is an example of the Appreciations Flow I made:

Have you seen this?:smirk:

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  1. Reply will be done soon, like 3-4 weeks.
  2. This is less clear, so far we have no plans to add it
  3. Reactions are in progress. I hope we will release them next week.

Since the new comments are entities, I assume that reactions are a field, aka a voting/rating widget, which can also be part of databases/entities?

No, relations in Comments are separate thing, we decided to not go with Reaction Field implementation so far. As a side effect, we will add Reactions Block to rich text soon

Comments reactions released today