Voting in rows / Thumbs Up for entry

In, we have used column „Thumbs Up“ for woting about features. I would like to have this feature in Fibery too. Maybe there is workaround how to achieve one member can vote one times for one entry :slight_smile:

Snímek obrazovky 2023-09-11 v 9.23.32

Voting is part of a Rating Widget functionality, see also

As I understand it, you are interested in collecting the votes from multiple users, and at the moment, the contents of fields in Fibery are not ‘per-user’. So there’s no simple way to achieve it.

However, you could use buttons, combined with a user relation field to track support:

Create a relation (many-to-many) between the Feature db and the User db, and call it ‘Supporters’.

Then, you can define a button automation (called ‘Vote for this Feature’) where the action is to link the user who pressed the button to the Supporters field.

With a formula field you can calculate the number of Supporters, and thus the popularity of the Feature.

Note: if you want to limit the Users to only voting for max one Feature, create the relation as a one-to-many, i.e. a Feature can have many Supporters but a User can only support one Feature.


Superb idea! I will try it. Thx

Lukas, we have asked for this too! Please vote it up so we can get it! [IN DEV] Improvements to comments

Please note that comments reactions and this request are not related. To make voting right we have to add Reactions Field into databases, we discussed that and postponed the implementation. I can’t say when we will get to it so far… Soon we will have:

  • Reactions in comments.
  • Reactions block in rich text fields and documents.

Thanks that is very useful!

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Outstanding and we are very excited about this!