September 14, 2023 / 👍 Emoji reactions in comments, experimental Views creation via AI

Another mega-hack! Fibery should hire you. :slight_smile:

I like the solution you’ve created. We have the foundation of our back-n-forth comms setup inline - for complex topics/agendas I find it much easier than having separate comments or comment bubbles. I think it’s because visually it helps me to view things in context - like often in the same place structurally as a previous sentence, paragraph, or image - but without disconnecting into a bubble or comment located elsewhere.

We have a decent solution though I’m always thinking if there’s a way to represent who wrote what graphically. Maybe a way to precede text with a user emoji to show who wrote it. But then how to track who read what with multiple users!?

It gets complicated. You have a good solution.

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This is impressive, but also complicated. We are thinking now how to add something like channels with minimal effort from our side. I hope we will have better solution for this use case in few weeks.


Is it getting boring arealdy when I keep saying “Fantastic Release”? :rofl:

I just converted an entity from one database to another. In doing so, I noticed that Emoji responses in comments are not included. Is that correct?

Yes, indeed reactions are not preserved when you convert entity, we have a bug for that

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Will it be possible to view and modify the more advanced queries created by AI as texts. I can imagine wanting to make modifications over time where it would be helpful for more advanced users to have see the actual query.


Ok thank you @mdubakov, my suggestion of the feature is here:

Most important I think would be the ability to comment around the resolution, so instead of just clicking “Resolved” the user can see what was done to resolve it, which is very useful. Jira has a feature you can turn on that you may be familiar with which forces a “resolution” to an issue, which is basically just commenting on what was done when something was closed. I think it would be great to have this too, for example the option to force a comment when marking an entity in a “final” stage of workflow.

As always thanks for the consideration!