Mar 14, 2024 / 🍊 Timeline View secondary dates visualization, Entity View re-styling

Awesome release! :star_struck: Some feedback about the view changes.

View names
I really like the clean look & feel of context views, but I do miss the name of the view.

Previously a user could see the name. And because we numbered the view, the user could also see if there was only one view or multiple


In the new situation a user does not see the name of the view, until the hoover over the view.

That looks clean but is less friendly for a user in my opinion.

Buttons in right column
Since the last release, the buttons are not very visible anymore in the right column. Also the text doesn’t fit anymore (previously the font size was smaller)

:arrow_down: When database color is grey
:arrow_down: When database color is orange

Before the release the buttons where always really visible and good. So I’m curious why they’ve changed :slight_smile:

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Thank you @mdubakov - it works now! :pray: :raised_hands:

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This DB colour is :grimacing:, it’s unfortunate we have it in the default palette β€” will take a look what we can do here. Meanwhile, I suggest changing to a darker grey or another colour.

The font size has been increased as a part of the styling updates, indeed. The vast majority of Buttons are under 20 characters so we have optimized for this with a few chars to spare => 30 characters fit on your screenshot.

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