Mar 21, 2024 / 🍔 Backlog for Timeline, Whiteboard improvements, Entity View improvements, Productboard sync, and more

This is one of the most substantial releases we’ve had for some time. It includes many nice and fancy improvements throughout.

Backlog for Timeline View

Timeline View always had a backlog, but it was unusable. Today we resolved this nasty problem and added nice and cool backlog. Backlog panel shows all not done entities (based on Timeline View filter) and you can drag and drop entities from Backlog to Timeline fast and easy.

2024-03-21 10.23.51

Hours on Timeline View

We’ve added Hours to Timeline View zoom level, and now you can visualize short events, like meetings or daily tasks.

Restore Space :relieved:

Accidentally deleting a Space ceases to be a hair-raising experience for you and a multi-hour technical support job for us. Restore it via an undo toast, Trash, or Activity Log.

Deleting a Space on purpose has become easier as well as the intrusive confirmation modal is gone now.


Align and Distribute objects on Whiteboard

You can now easily align or distribute multiple objects. Simply select the objects and click the Align objects button in the context menu. You have the option to align selected objects horizontally, vertically, or to the left/right in relation to each other. Additionally, you can distribute the selected objects horizontally, vertically, or in a compact layout for a more organized appearance.

2024-03-21 10.39.47

Whiteboard Dark Theme

Whiteboard has a proper support of a dark theme now, so your eyes will bleed less when you are working with it.

Updated Entity View layout

We have made a few tweaks to the default Entity layout:

  • limited the width of the main section to make it easier to read long texts;
  • introduced an independent scroll for the right column to keep the Fields accessible even when you scroll the main section;
  • moved the right column to the side to make space for wide elements in the main section :soon:

As the next step, we will allow large things (Views, images, videos, embeds) to be wider than the main section. It’s a pity to leave 75% of your Pro Display XDR beautiful inches blank :sweat_smile:

New color coding for Board, List and Calendar views

Color coding style was changed for List, Board and Calendar Views. Now the whole card changes color.

IfEmpty(…) formula function

Previously, you had to use a combination of If(…) and IsEmpty(…) in Formulas to organize a plan B for a potentially empty Field value:

If(IsEmpty([Potentially Empty Field]), Value, [Potentially Empty Field])

In case there were multiple Fields, only one of each was non-empty, the Formula quickly got unreadable with all those nested Ifs:

If(IsEmpty(Interview.Weight), If(IsEmpty(Chat.Weight), If(IsEmpty(Topic.Weight), Conversation.Weight,Topic].Weight), Chat.Weight), Interview.Weight)

Now with IfEmpty(…) function that returns the first non-empty value from a list, the Formula is much more elegant:

IfEmpty(Interview.Weight, Chat.Weight, Topic.Weight, Conversation.Weight, 1.0)

Productboard integration

Fibery’s integration with Productboard allows the import of product hierarchy, user scores, and company database. This helps product managers improve feedback gathering and keep it closer to product development.

Anyway, we recommend you migrate to Fibery. Fibery is more flexible, much cheaper and more fun. Now migration is easier.

For more detailed information, please check the User Guide.

Audit Access Templates Usage

There is a new Usage tab for Custom Access Templates that helps to decide whether it’s safe to update or delete a template.

We also give you a heads-up if updating or deleting a custom access template will affect someone’s access.

Mirrored Context Folders (experimental)

It’s been possible to mirror an individual Context View for all Entities of a Smart Folder. This has saved you time by automatically maintaining a “copy” of a View with relevant filters applied.

Now you can mirror an entire Folder with everything inside — if you have more than 5 Views to replicate across all your Products, Sprints, or Clients now there is a nice way to accomplish that.


:butterfly: Minor Improvements

  • Empty groups in List and Table Views don’t look like Entities anymore.
  • Scrollbars on Windows are less prominent now.
  • Secondary dates are visible in any Timeline mode now.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Timeline: no way to drag n drop card to earlier date when single date is selected in setup
  • Timeline: moving one-day card applies only on the second attempt
  • Timeline: Missing secondary dates in timeline setup after importing space template
  • Table view: error in attempt to change database in setup
  • Whiteboard: scroll is too jumpy on Windows
  • Unable to link code block to an entity
  • No way to delete numeric value in old table cells (database settings)

LEGENDS! Thank you so much for implementing hourly view on timeline so quickly - huge help for our team :heart:

  • Whiteboard: scroll is too jumpy on Windows

It works wonderfully.
Me and Mr. Whiteboard are friends again :heart:

I noticed scroll-zoom in/out on Timeline on Windows are not working now.
Edit: fixed by Fibery, scroll-wheel zoom-in/out on Timeline now works well on Windows for me.

Backlog on timeline is really great!

This will make backlog much more useful I think.
Here’s some early feedback after just a few minutes of use.

Make it easier to move an from roadmap back to backlog

I would like to easily move an item on roadmap back to the backlog. (Likely I just dragged it out in a planning session, and then change my mind.)

Maybe a context menu option?

I guess I could make a automation button that cleared the associated dates connected to that timeline. But it’s such a bother to be honest, doing that for all my databases where I might want a timeline view.

Right now I open the entity and then find the “planned” field, and clear it. That makes the timeline pretty small as I’m clearing the fields, and I have to switch back and forth, opening/closing sections.

So I’d love an easy path to to move an timeline item off the roadmap into the backlog.

Perhaps already planned!

My brain loses track of if I have Timeline backlog expanded or not

After some use, I found that the backlog area having the same background color as the timeline, made me forget I had the backlog open a number of times, and I was confused why my timeline was so small.

At least I think it’s the color. If backlog area could be differentiated a bit, I think that would help me pay attention to when it’s collapsed and when it’s expanded?

There is an icon and the ‘Backlog’ button is hightlighted, but my eyes was just on the timeline, somehow I missed it many times in a row. Just an early impression.

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I love seeing the evolution of Fibery’s formula library.
There are more than a few quality of life improvements for me in this latest release. It’s much appreciated.

While I LOVE every improvement to the whiteboard, this update has a lot more neat stuff! Very nice!


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I’m confused about this one, you said you’ve limited the width of the main section (which now shows me even less things in my list/board views than usual…feels like a huge step back) but you’re also going to be making it bigger?

This morning things were about 60% of our screen’s max width and now it’s like 30% so it’s really messing things up for our teams today.

Besides that, I’m loving the improvements to:

  • Whiteboard alignment
  • Full card coloring

Wow, there are some awesome updates. Thank you. Really love the formule improvements, color coding improvements and the align function in the whiteboard!

One question about the entity view though.

Do only these items get wider than the main section? I really liked the previous option to enlarge the complete overview (if there is a right column) because the tables we display often have many columns. Now I have to scroll from left to right missing a complete overview.


Thanks for the great release! Great to see the Whiteboard evolve.
Question: Would it be an idea to integrate Whiteboard for navigation (like a click-through graph view), such that it can be added to the top of an entity view to provide better navigation context and menu as a 2-dimensional map? I find loss of context and navigation the most challenging in Fibery (apart from Search, but that for a dedicated topic).

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If the Card in Calendar View has two color, could you show the two color in the card together as a vertical list, like the following example.
The card has two color parts, the up part and the down part.

Same issue, I cannot see my documents, especially with tables

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Thank you SO much for the new color coding options!


We are thinking how to fix it.

I noticed scroll-zoom in/out on Timeline on Windows are not working now.

Should be working now, please try again.

It’s wild how big of a difference this made for me.

Scroll-zoom on Timeline works great on my Windows machine now. Thanks! :pray:

Looks like whiteboards have been substantially worked on in the last few updates. Will need to give them another try.

Hi guys,

Quick question about the Timeline. I’m trying to show lanes, based on Assignee (many-many), but as you can see the view shows No Assignees. But we have many projects where assignee is set.

I can imagine that the cause of this is because we have a many-many relation. If so, it would be really helpfull to have the projects shown in more than one lane when more than one assignee is assigned.

Curious to hear your feedback!

Thanks, Marloes

Are there no lanes below ‘No Assignees’ at all?

No there are not. But…

I have made a view for you inside a space, so you can see for yourself and there are lanes. So it seems like the problem only occures in relation views.

If you open this page and scroll down a bit to ‘Projecten’ (view #1), you can see for yourself.