Mar 28, 2024 Wide rich text content, icons in Board View's columns and rows

The last update was packed, this one is more reasonable :slight_smile:

:elephant: Wide Rich-Text Field Content


In the previous update, we limited the width of the Entity View for a better reading experience on wide screens. Now we acknowledge the “rich” part of the term “rich text” and allow to widen some elements beyond the main layout:

  • images and videos;
  • embedded Views;
  • URL embeds;
  • :soon: text tables;
  • :soon: relation Views.

The table of contents also now uses the horizontal space wiser. Altogether, these changes should make better use of your 32" display.

:butterfly: Minor Improvements

  • Board View rows and columns feature icons, not just names of selects and Entities:

  • Timeline View weekends take into consideration user location. For example, if you are located in Asia/Jerusalem, you will see Friday and Saturday as the weekend.

:test_tube: Experiments

  • Mirrored context Folders are not that rough around the edges and are looking to graduate from experimental in the next update.
  • Pinned Fields on Entity View are not expandable anymore: the experiment has proven useful (thanks for your feedback!) but we have taken a slightly different approach to Entity View layouts in the end. A new experiment is coming next week.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • It’s possible to add content into read-only rich text fields for Integration items via Automations
  • Emoji-id is shown in slack notifications instead of emoji alias
  • Weird records in activity log for DBs if restore it along with the Space
  • Broken board setup if ‘hide empty lanes’ option is on and database used in lanes is renamed
  • Some fields are fully white in Whiteboard even if the dark theme is on
  • IfEmpty(…) formula after saving - IfEmpty(Employee,Study.Employee).Name
  • Oops error when restoring the same View twice

Is there a reason why you’ve chosen to make the width editable on a “per element” basis instead of just making the entire main column fill the available space responsively? It just seems more confusing than it needs to be.

This is all I care about (assuming you’re not talking about just relation views embedded in Rich Text fields but the actual related fields themselves)! Hope it’s next week.


Text becomes harder to read when the line width approaches 100+ characters. Check out your favourite blogs and online newspapers — I bet most of them won’t take the full width of a 27" screen.

Yep, that’s the plan.


Yeah, we don’t really use Fibery a lot for docs/big blocks of text, it’s more for contextual entity to entity linking with usually short names, but I can understand how it could be annoying for others with huge amounts of copy.

Is the sub-grouping by field in lists/tables feature still coming soon too?

Both the improved width options and more flexible grouping will help us out immensely!


:sob: I reworked some of my entity views to put lot of fields in this section… they are not workable anymore…
Why don’t you maintain the experimental flag until the next release and a little bit more to adjust things ?
I know that was not ideal but it was a least better than nothing

Waiting the

Same, although I knew it was experimental I didn’t suspected that it would be removed that quickly.

Us too!

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It was technically challenging to maintain both the old and the new approach so we’ve sacrificed the old one to get the new one to production faster.

I’m sorry we’ve erased your effort with pinned Fields. Usually, our experimental features simply graduate after some polishing based on customer feedback. This time it was the idea, not just the implementation, that was experimental and this idea turned out to be somewhat of a dead-end.

I hope you’ll eventually like the new approach more :crossed_fingers:


I’m grateful for this. The “Notionification” trend in UI updates of apps is helpful in some contexts but I think that the Fibery Entity view is doing something unique. I’m happy that this isn’t the future for us.


We are constantly looking at feedback and iterating with experiments to come up with most value out of all features :pray: