April 18, 2024 / Move Fields between Entity View sections, wide rich-text tables

:truck: Move Fields between Entity View sections


Move Fields to the main section of the Entity View, no matter their type. This is especially useful when Fields currently on the right are somehow connected to the ones on the left: for example, Generate description Button can be close to Description now. Works for both 2-column and 1-column layouts.

Moving the Fields originating in the main section (e.g. rich-text, to-many relations) to the right/top is coming later, stay tuned.

:elephant: Wide rich-text tables


Previously, when dealing with a large table in a doc you had two (bad) options :

  1. switch to wide mode and sacrifice text readability;
  2. stick to narrow mode and try to squeeze the tables.

Now the tables can be wider than the main text even in narrow mode.

:framed_picture: Cover images on Whiteboard

Now you can show cover images on entity cards. Click on any card → Fields and set Cover Image as Files and media. The first attached file will be a cover image.

:card_index_dividers: Sections in sidebar

We’ve made a minor restyling of the sidebar in anticipation of bigger changes in the coming weeks :crystal_ball:

There’s one thing you can do straight away though: if you rely heavily on Favorites, consider collapsing the Spaces section for a cleaner sidebar.

:butterfly: Minor improvements

  • Reorder Spaces when creating or updating a workspace template using drag’n’drop. Previously, we implicitly took the order in the template updater’s sidebar.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Videos embedded in rich text are too narrow by default
  • When a select option is restored, it overwrites non-empty Field values
  • Old styling for Reference field label in Documents
  • Wrong snippet values in the table after duplicating entities
  • Entity View breaks when there are 2 items in the avatar section

I always look forward to Thursdays, and this release made me especially happy! Can’t wait to see this evolve, very exciting, Thank you!


Awesome features!

The sidebar looks clean! I look forward to what is to come. Personally, I hope it includes the ability to order spaces in folders! But who knows whatever it is I am curious

The whiteboard is getting some love! That is great. Last week’s update was PERFECT, I really could use the visualization of relationships. And now, these images are also useful for what I am doing now and sure they will be useful often! Would be nice with these features if you could order like a tree or mindmap based on relationships, like in your example above. Perhaps an idea?

The other features are also useful. Thanks for the good work and for making Thursdays more exciting!


Plenty of nice new stuff here! Thanks, @antoniokov and team! I agree with @Yuri_BC that I’m always looking forward to Thursdays! :slightly_smiling_face:

I love that you have allowed the moving of fields right to left, improved on the whiteboard and Improved on the text table! :slight_smile:

Despite the risk of repeating myself, here are four adjacent improvements I’d love to have:

  1. As Admin have an admin-mode toggle (the + New Field buttons and accidental creation of single-select options drives me nuts.
  2. Ability to give extendable cells a coloured background (you have the colour picker already), as I wanna be able to highlight certain cells (and make the headers stick out)
  3. Allow adding new rows in the text table by keyboard rather than mouse… I’m a heavy table user and this is cumbersome
  4. A small refinement where the text and URL fields brought to the left (single column) are narrower than the column when editing.

Many many thanks!


Nice release!

Being able to drag & drop those pinned and right column fields is realy awesome. Looking forwards to be able to do this with all sorts of fields!

Thanks guys.


We are working on auto-layout with various options already :slight_smile:



Is “auto-mapping” part of that vision, or do you still see users having to manually map each entity?

I’m hoping that one day there’s a “Tree View” that essentially visualizes your entities and their relationships (levels) as a mind map, no different than how entities can be visualized in a list, on a board, etc.


What we will have soon is close enough, but the next step will be to auto-show new entities when they are added to a collection (or removed from a collection), when we will add this component it will be possible to have it, but this is the next step, first we will add feature to expand collections for a card and layout cards.

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please make it come true


Oh, I’m scared a little…

Nice changes, but… what about coloured text? Any plans? I need my headlines orange :slight_smile:

Any plans? I need my headlines orange :slight_smile:

Why? :slight_smile:

I hope we will soon be able to have folders to better organize Spaces in the left Sidebar


Excited to play around with these new features. Eager to see sidebar upcoming changes as well! :ok_hand:


The new sidebar looks good :star_struck:!
It’s always a treat when multiple long awaited improvements launch on the same date. As always, thanks for the great work!

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As always a great new Version. :muscle:

Moving fields is huge for UI experience!

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Is there an (rough) ETA for the many relations in the 1 column? :smile:

If you mean showing them in a compact manner instead of relation Views, then hopefully this May :crossed_fingers:

= then hopefully this May Happen :wink:

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