New UI for Expanded "Open as View" has limited width?

Hi guys,

I just noticed that when I expand an entity to the “Open as View” full screen view, there are new spaces on the right or left, making the content more narrow.

Is this intended? I’d really like to ask that you bring back the previous UI where the full expanse of the content in the Entity is the width of the screen. This was a great help in expanding out Collections in particular so I could display more fields in full, without truncation. My team used this daily in meetings. We have Entities for full projects that contain a lot of data, and the expanded view was the only way to see it well at times.

Please let me know about this.

Not happening for me :confused:

Are you using a laptop? On a laptop screen this does not happen, but on a larger desktop monitor is where I am seeing this. We use our larger monitors extensively with that view so we can get full visibility of otherwise truncated fields in Collections, and odd Rich Text formatting that occurs when there are a lot if references in rich text fields. As you can see in my screenshot, those fields no longer expand so we lose some benefit. I hope this is a bug that can be fixed!

15" laptop screen

This is the culprit:

.css-psv0tl {
    max-width: 1680px;

If you override that with a browser CSS customizer tool, you can have full-width views back:

.css-psv0tl {
    max-width: unset;

I use the User Javascript and CSS Chrome add-on, but there are many similar add-ons.

Could you please tell me what monitors do you mainly use? Size and resolution.

The main one being used is 27-inch (5120 x 2880).


Hi Alex, do you have any update here? This is still something that we’d really like to have working as it used to, to improve our Fibery experience. Thanks!

Hi @B_Sp, I haven’t forgotten about this problem, still thinking how to solve it for everyone without additional buttons or settings.

Ok thanks really hoping you guys can address this one way or another, been a while since I raised the issue…it really was disappointing to suddenly open entities on our large screens one day and see they were much narrower than before.