Need full-width Entity view

Entity view seems to be unnecessarily limited for max-width, and it prevents seeing all columns of wide collections table views:



This is by far my biggest UI pet peeve. A full-width option could be the single biggest quality of life improvement for me, because right now I have to full screen almost every collection block.

Similarly, I don’t understand why the center to-many/collection column is wider when there are fields on the right column and narrower (but centered) when everything on the right column is hidden.


Yeah, can we have this addressed please? I love that Fibery can have a lot of contextual data shown at once, but it’s often harder than it should be to display it effectively due to inconsistent max-widths.

Because of the recent feature where you can display expanded field information in the header, I wanted to try to use a single column layout, but the max-width gets even smaller if you completely hide the fields column!

Fields column expanded:

Fields column collapsed:

Fields column hidden (by turning off certain fields):


I also mentioned this via Intercom a while ago. Then it seemed that I was the only one wanting this so I’ve made a hack for it (I link an entity with description for the user why/how you need to collapse the field colum for full screen width :sweat_smile:)


But would be great if that’s not needed anymore since it clutters the workspace.

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We will indeed address this as a part of Entity View improvements this spring. Thanks for the feedback and the screenshots!