UX: New navigation menu feature: emphasize a field at the top

I thought about how to make navigation more intuitive through the top of each entitity display, in which particular items are directly clickable links and also bigger, so that they catch the attention of users as being of relational importance. For example a parent entity, a category or a project. Currently, if I use pinned fields for showing the parent project, the project field would be very small, not directly clickable, and not grab the attention of being of most importance as parent entity.
Ideally, this feature could allow to show not only a parent entity with its sub-entities (or related entities according to the configuration of the menu). Here are some options:

  • Database dependent navigation: just like the pinned fields, there can be a navigation menu feature that has direclty clickable links to other fields, with the ability to adjust the layout.

  • Database independent navigation: This would be more like a layout block that would allow people to populate it with a particular view that displays as a menu. This menu stays the same above all entity displays.