Allow database badge in pinned fields (to make it easier to see what relation it is)

I see I have on average 5 pinnen field at the top of an entity display. The colored relation dot in front of them, don’t give information about what relation or database it is. For me they are not sufficiently recognizable, because pinned fields are not persistent like a regular top menu, but they depend on the viewed entity relations, thus change often while navigating.

What would help me, is the pinned field would allow to be prefixed by the database badge and/or a newly to implement database icon.

For example, then I would see: [Parent Project][CommunicationTraining] which makes it clear that CommunicationTraining is a parent project, not for example a training course relation.

Strangely empty pinned fields shows the database name (e.g. ‘no team’) but when it contains a selection, it gives the teamname without indication of the database name. To me that assumes we recognize the database based on name or color, which may onlyt apply to very small projects or teams.

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