CHANGELOG: May 26, 2022 / Customize pinned Fields, rename Workspace, 16 fixed bugs

:pushpin: Customize pinned Fields

While we’ve heard nice things about how multi-panel navigation reduces cognitive load and unlocks new scenarios, there’s been one recurring complaint: extra click to see the Fields.

So here is a way to pin your most important Fields on top of a panel:


The customization is independent for each Database. So far only select (including Workflow) and relation Fields (including Assignments) are available with other kinds of Fields to follow in the next few releases.

Once all kinds of Fields are available to pin, we’ll deprecate the old navigation entirely :axe:

:pencil2: Rename Workspace

The workspace name is always visible in the top left corner — it’s awkward when it’s outdated, not localized or simply spelled incorrectly. Now you are free to change the name and upload your own logo:


This feature has been heavily requested by companies with abbreviations in their names :slight_smile:

The URL remains the same — changing it is a whole other story… We are collecting feedback on that as well though.

:butterfly: Minor Improvements

  • Intercom bubble has given way to a more functional ? menu with links to our user guide and community.
  • Database selector in search has become more compact for a better experience in panel mode.
  • Panel navigation has been enabled for shared Entities and Documents .

:shrimp: 16 Fixed Bugs

  • Not visible ‘Highight’ icon if it is already in ‘selected’ state.
  • No highlight and wrong cursor when hover on the card on timeline or calendar.
  • Page gets refreshed on applying ‘Highlight’ option to text in Comments.
  • Reports: when user, that created the report is deleted or deactivated, report is broken.
  • Hyperlink tooltips shows up in pages.
  • Rich-text actions are partially hidden by pinned fields panel.
  • Oops error on parent entity for Members if context/nested views haven’t been loaded yet.
  • Mentions and back-references are formatted as links.
  • Unable to convert item from Backlog.
  • ‘My space’ view can not be restored.
  • Shared entity: Missing Fibery icon for expanded mode.
  • Workspace name field and logo don’t aligned to each other.
  • Wrong place of ‘Assignees avatars’ in pinned fields area.
  • Alias is not used on
  • Alias is not used in ‘User invited’ email.
  • State stuck in loading state on database screen if rename space.

Pinned fields :+1: Good job guys.

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