Cards on the weekly/daily calendar view overlap or cut content

I am currently experimenting with the weekly/daily calendar view and I am experiencing some issues with the displayed cards. Although I am not using many fields, cards start to “overlap” or cut content. If I have cards with a limited duration (< 1 hour) lots of content disappears.

In my opinion this could be fixed by setting the hours (y-axis) to normal business hours of some sort, e.g. only display times between 8 am and 8 pm, which then would lead to more space for the cards. Additionally, there could be a a scroll bar for the other hours.

Hi, Leon!
Indeed, working with events shorter than a day is a pain at the moment
Calendar has to be improved - noted your feedback :pray:

Hi Polina,
Thank you for the answer. I also found a related bug, where the cards are not draggable when the underlying date range is calculated from a formula.