CHANGELOG: August 18, 2022 / Experimental: Relation Views and Buttons on Entity View, Promo codes

This release includes two significant experimental features and we suggest you to try them. Click top left menu and find Experimental Features item.

:fried_egg: Relation Views on Entity View (experimental)

Entity View for things like Project, Team, or Product Area begs to become a dashboard. Now I open my Product Area — and what do I see?

A flat list with no filter or sorting. It’s really a poor overview: instead of surfacing things that we should work on, it shows a bunch of long-forgotten features.

If only there was a way to visualize data in different way with groups and custom sorting… Views! Let’s use Context Views to visualize to-many relations:

With filters and sorting on, it’s pretty clear what our most requested feature for the Board View is. No Smart Folders required!

This early beta release includes a single Hierarchical List per relation. Multiple Views of different kind (Table, Board, etc.) is what we have in mind, but so far we are polishing the Lists which are rough around the edges.

Turn the experimental feature on to enable Relation Views for yourself (other users in the workspace won’t be affected) and tell us what you think. We are eager to hear at least two kinds of feedback:

  • how your experience with the new Lists compares with the old ones
  • which use cases (aka dashboards) you are looking forward to build now that there are Relation Views

:beers: Buttons on Entity View (experimental)

To make someone happy, take something useful away from them, wait for a few months, and then give it back :sweat_smile::


We’ve had plenty of complaints that Action Buttons are undiscoverable in ... menu. So, finally, you can put Buttons (yes, now they do look like buttons) in the right column of an Entity View again.

So far these Buttons on Entity View are not included when you Share Space as a Template, that’s why the feature is still experimental. We are looking to fix that by the next release.

:partying_face: Promo codes

Now we can create and give you promo codes with various discounts. For example, we provide 50% discount for nonprofit and educational orgs. Contact us in Intercom or via email to get the promo code.

:butterfly: Improvements

  • GitLab: sync Reviewers & other user-oriented fields.
  • GitLab/GitHub sync: It is possible to skip archived projects in the sync.
  • Notion sync: Now single-select and multi-select fields imported as selects (not text as before).
  • When you invoke Show / Hide fields popup, right sidebar becomes visible as well.
  • Copy Link action in Views becomes more visible

:shrimp: 12 Fixed Bugs

  • Creator can’t add a relation to User
  • Ticked checkbox option text gets almost invisible if try to add more text to it.
  • Reports: Entities with null categories are excluded from the report data if ‘is not in’ filter is applied
  • Database names are cut when there is a lot of it
  • Hierarchical list: filter doesn’t get applied as expected for self-relations
  • Failed to add card with “New” button on board with enum axis (in some cases)
  • Reports: Entities with null categories are excluded from the report data if ‘is not equal’ filter is applied
  • Change Claims field to User Role field on User database in the Hidden Fields section
  • Add info about payment amount on Update Payment info page
  • Don’t round unused credit amount on upgrade subscription screen
  • Date picker: occasionally switches to the day before/month before
  • Entity query filter returns false for AND with two IN expressions each returning true if called separately

:face_holding_back_tears: A favour

Please, write an honest review about Fibery →


Ooo, this is a nice release! :raised_hands:

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Exciting release indeed! When I saw the form view timeline I got a little giddy.

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Thank you, thank you :clap::+1:

Time to get back to creating more new features in my apps.

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Form View in this timeframe will be experimental and relatively limited… I think the real meat will take 3 months to release


And that is still perfectly wonderful news. :grin:


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All superb, great work ! :man_surfing:

One of the best updates of all time. This is a superb addition and well worth the wait. I can’t say how happy I am to see this result :star_struck:

:loudspeaker: Feedback

  • This is immensely better as you are able to sort the lists.
  • I haven’t tested filtering or colour-coding but I’m sure I would find a use soon.
  • The ability to add hierarchies also means that you are able to sometimes hide other collection fields when a relation exists (for example have a single list with Meeting Types and the Meetings for each project).

I may be missing something but it seems to me that at the moment you can’t create new Relation Views and would basically have to have an existing relation collection to customize. Once you are able add arbitrary number of views, I think it would open up a lot of possibilities:

  • being able to have separate lists of relations based on filtering (helps with pre-populating information)
  • being able to have tables allows for quick filling of information (e.g. for invoices being able to add invoice items in a table is much quicker than editing individual entities)
  • being able to include charts/reports would be a game changer

:lady_beetle: Possible Bugs

One-to-many lists cause an error

It seems there is a bug with the one-to-many relations as I get the following error:

Collection field expression used as not subquery is not allowed in query with permissions

Group-by same database relation

Group by same database relation doesn’t seem to work:
This might be possible and asking for too much, but if it was possible to do it, then that would be amazing

Database Icons can’t be hidden

Even though the field list allows you to deselect the database icons, they still appear on the left hand side of the items. This doesn’t seem to be case for normal hierarchical lists:

Unlinking relations doesn’t update

When a user unlinks items from a collection, it doesn’t update the list. User has to reload the Entity View for the list to be updated. Additionally, the full item menu is visible, include the “Delete” action. I think it was a really wise decision to remove “Delete” from collection actions as it prevented confusion and accidental deleting of items when the user meant to unlink items: