[DONE] Option to filter out empty lanes


It would be great if in the lanes/rows filters, we could have an option to hide automatically lanes which do not contain any cards.

Let’s say I’m displaying Tasks cards on a board view, where the lanes are the “Projects” containing those cards
=> I would need to see only the Projects which actually have some cards displayed.
NB : Lots of projects might not have any cards to display because of the general filter of the board, which filters out cards on other criterias.


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There is a workaround way of doing this. If you have a filter on the board which means that some Projects are showing no tasks, then you can create a formula field in the Project type which matches this filter. Then you can set up the Row filter to use the formula field of the Project.
Hope that makes sense.
If you have an example of the board filter you’re using, I can make the explanation more concrete.

Hi, thank you for your message.
I thought of this too however my case is more complex than the example I gave, and I can’t do a formula to achieve the same result.
I got :

  • Projects
  • Goals which belong to Projects
  • Tasks which belong to Goals

I want to display Projects as lanes, and Tasks as Cards, but only tasks assigned to me.
I would need a field on Projects that count the number of Tasks (through a Goals lookup) which are assigned to me => I couldn’t find a way to do this in formulas, and that would be suboptimal as I would have to create a field for every coworker actually…

That’s why I proposed a more generic feature, which can be useful in a number of usecases (we all have boards with empty lanes that we would like to hide, don’t we ? :slight_smile: ), because creating a specific field just to filter a view is not ideal.

Just so I understand your case, are the tasks assigned to people, or just the projects?
And which relations are one-to-many, and which are many-to-many?

Actually, both Projects and Tasks are assigned to People, but the fact that Project are assigned is not useful in my example so I removed it above, sorry about that.
The fact that relations are on-to-many or many-to-many does not really influence the formula capacity here I think, you could even forget about the “Goal” level.
The problem (for this specific example and the “formula” workaround) would be : “how can we filter on a specific assignee in a formula ?”. But even this solution would not be really nice.

But I really think an option to filter out all empty lanes would make sense in the product and would cover so many usecases. I have numerous boards where I would be happy to hide empty lanes with a simple filter option.

Yeah, I appreciate your problem, and there is no easy way round. And yeah, being able to hide empty rows in general might be a nice feature.
I only asked the questions because I am always curious to hear what other people are using FIbery for :slight_smile:
I think the closest you can come is to just manually collapse the empty project rows so they don’t waste as much screen space (but even then you will need to keep an eye open for the dots that show that a task has been assigned to you for a collapsed project)

As an aside, you can achieve something close by using a report instead of a board. If you choose a table type of report, and then have the task name as a column, group according to project name (goal-project lookup field) and then define a filter for an assignee.
It solves the problem of needing to use a formula, and it achieves the original need (hiding projects for which the assignee has no tasks) but it is suboptimal in other ways (needs refreshing and the entities are not easy to open from a report).
Ah well…

OK thank you, I keep that option in mind but yes, the downside is that the entites can not be manipulated easily, and we can’t show data according to others fileds as columns (like the “status” of Tasks, which are the columns in my board view).
Anyway I’m hoping some will have the same request :slight_smile:

I bet they do, and I bet that Michael and the team implement this before the year is out. Fingers crossed.

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+1 for this feature! :slight_smile:

Finally done! You can check the details here :sparkling_heart:


Awesome ! Thanks a lot