CHANGELOG: August 6 / Fields in board lanes, Lookup for collections

Customize Fields in Board Lanes

Now you can see more fields in columns and rows in Board View. For example, you can configure Sprint Plan View to include capacity:

Or you can show more info in rows, for example, about Objectives:

Lookup for Collections

Now you can aggregate entities from lower levels and display them as a collection on a higher level. For example, you have hierarchy Product → Epic → Feature and you want to see all Features inside Product. you can create a lookup field to do that:

Alt (Option) + Click to navigate to referenced entities

Quickly navigate to referenced entities from Entity View using Alt/Option + Click pattern:

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Decimal number field doesn’t support null
  • Headers mentions doesn’t appear as references
  • Created chart is empty and shows nothing
  • Number field doesn’t save value without ‘enter’ key press

Love the new features, especially the details like counts and icon on the columns and rows.

One little bug I found. If there are 2 type of cards in a view, like Stories and Bugs, it will show duplicate details, like this:

Btw, maybe icons can be shown prepended to the name, it will be more consistent with the rest of the items.


This is great guys! I was eagerly anticipating the “build out” of attributes of the entities showing on boards, both in columns and rows! I think this would be a great addition to Timeline, but I’m sure you have that on the radar…

I second @Jean re: the details that you included in the configurable fields. In particular, “object count” as that is one that you might otherwise need a formula to set up, but the fact that you get this automatically is very convenient, saves some work.

The “look down” the hierarchy with Collections is really terrific, too! In fact I was going to request this feature as the “second half” of Lookups, which are extremely useful, and give you some degree greater “deep” visibility than standard lookup/rollups in Airtable, Notion, Coda.

By the way, the “Alt + Click” to navigate to “parent” entities - this was an existing feature, just not readily published, is that right? Just want to make sure I didn’t miss something.

Keep up the great work!

Hey guys, really loving the Customize Fields in Board lanes.

Wanted to tack on a few additional observations:

I think it would look nice form a UI perspective if the Row Entity now (aka “Swimlane”) was recessed to the left, out of the initial column. So a sort of Row “header” if you were to compare to a Spreadsheet View.

Curious about what others think of this!

And just wanted to add another area around Fibery where I think it would be terrific to get the visibility of an Entity’s Fields - in the heading of various Views. This would really provide an “embedded view” effect of all the details in the board.

Image 2020-08-08 at 2.00.30 AM.png

Thanks guys!