Expanded detail of Column and Row entities

Hi guys,

I’d like to suggest the build-out of the detail of the entities that are used for the Column and Row headers in lanes. Since in a lot of cases these are actually entities, and not drop-down or other simpler column types, it would bring a lot of power to the views if you could see the detail. In particular, for a Classic Sprint Board where the rows will be the Features and User Stories being worked on, and the entities in the board are tasks moving through a workflow that is the columns. TargetProcess as you know had a very strong approach here, but this is also a key feature of Azure DevOps Boards, even Jira.

It would be great to see things like total tasks completion rolled up, due date, which goal an entity that’s representing a row belong too.

I think this is closely related to this topic:

Thanks guys!

Hi again,

I wanted to also add that I think it would be great if you guys could similarly expand the details of an Entity who’s views can be created when “show all entities of this Type in the left menu” is selected.

Here is an illustration:

I think this would have the great benefit of creating a very similar view to one of the major pluses of Notion: A “Project Hub” page where you have a page that can have a lot of doc-like info, but also with embedded tables show related entities with all kinds of configuration, such as changing to a board view in that embedded table:

In theory if you could have more customization in the “Connections” relations area in Fibery down the road, you could accomplish this in the details of the entity itself. But since the views available in the left menu under an entity can already cover all this capability of Notion’s embedded table, it seems it would be easier to simply add some detail in to the info on the Entity at the top of the board as a quicker way towards building this view.


Hey @mdubakov, could you let us know, is this feature I just saw on Twitter (thank you for those constant longer term updates by the way!):

Is the “board view: customize lints in rows & columns” going to be more or less building out the feature I’m talking about in this thread? If so, very glad to see it, huge piece I am eager to see as it will really make boards amazingly insightful.