Text changes in Fields are not included in Undo (and should be)

One issue I frequently run into if I am trying to move quickly through data entry in Fibery is using Paste (e.g. copied from an email) and accidentally pasting into the wrong field. My habit/muscle memory is to immediately Ctrl-Z to undo what I just did. Unfortunately pasted text, and indeed any text changes within a field, are not handled by the current Undo system. But they are handled by many other systems, and so I am used to being able to do this.

Worse, the Undo action will actually remove text from other fields that I’ve already edited. And since there is no “Redo” for Field contents, I often lose data I have entered. I have a separate feature request for “redo” Implement “Redo” (Ctrl-Y) in field entry :smiley:

So basically, please implement in-field Undo, especially for paste actions. And I would also consider restricting Undo to the currently active field. When no field is selected, it could undo any data entry, but in many other systems I believe undo is restricted to current field selection, and this helps minimize accidental data loss.

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And @Oshyan support this just the same!

Very similar to @Haslien flagging this up the other day:

And, similar to your point here:

Would love to see general “wrapping” of text anywhere and everywhere. One thing I love in Fibery - the customization of boards’ card size. But when they get too small, you lose the text. I read this great article lately about how a team used TargetProcess:

There is this great board in there I was so anxious to recreate in Fibery once Details around Rows and Columns came out:

And then not much later it came out!

So with that feature, this board was theoretically doable.

But sadly, I can’t because the text in the cards when I use “compact” or “line” to recreate is cut off…it’s actually unusable because you can’t read most of what is in my cards because the fit maybe 4 words at most…you can see that in a lot of these in the image…

Sorry to go off topic but I thought that might interest you!