[DONE] Usability improvements to the Whiteboard view

As a heavy Miro user, I’m not expecting Fibery’s whiteboard to match the level of polish Miro has, but there are 3 “little” pain points / bugs in using the whiteboard today that I find make the experience a lot more unpleasant that it could be.

These are :

  • Cmd + Z or Ctrl + Z to cancel the last action doesn’t work. I think it’s a bug, I only tested on my macbook Pro on Chrome (latest public version) but it’s weird
  • When copying an element in the board, you have to first click elsewhere to lose the focus before pasting ; this is very annoying, the new element should appear next to your cursor when you paste even if you have not lost the previous focus.
  • When pasting one or multiple elements, those do not have automatically the focus making them a pain to move them. The use case is simple, you want to duplicate a bunch of things, you copy then paste, then you have manually reselect them to move them elsewhere. Very annoying too :slight_smile:

Hope those are not too complex to implement !


Hi Simon,
thank you for reporting this.
Could you please provide more info about cmd+Z (Undo)? It should work. When do you use it without success?
All other things I think we will fix soon.

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Well, in every context in doesn’t work.
Whether I change a text, move an object, change a post-it color, pressing Cmd+Z (on my mac) does absolutely nothing. In fact, it seems that the browser (Chrome) is catching the event because the “Edit” menus is flashing briefly (Cmd+Z being of course the usual shortcut for undo , system wise) ; but Fibery doesn’t.

It is not the only shortcut that does not work : M (mini-map) and G (grid) don’t work either (or at least I can’t see their effect).
Other shortcuts DO work such as L, N, S, I…, and copy and pasting also works.

If I can provide more information let me know !

Another UX annoyance to add to the list : when you use the Cmd+D to duplicate an item, the copy appears exactly on the top of the original one, which makes the duplication invisible to the user until you try moving it around. A good practice would be to offset slightly the duplicate by a few pixels to the right and bottom :slight_smile:

I can confirm the bugs. Tested on mac with chrome / safari

We made some fixes with latest version:

  1. Improved “Duplicate” - added offset to duplicated items and switched selection to them
  2. Improved “Copy-Past” - selection is switched to pasted items. You don’t need to click anywhere more before past.
  3. I believe we fixed some cases for Non-working ‘Undo’.

thank you for helping!

Hello !
I spotted the changes, nice !

Though I can say that the Undo still does not work, neither do the “G” and “M” shortcuts.
Maybe I’m the only one with a specific edge case? Using chrome , MacOS

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Hello, Just bumping this bug to maybe help you investigate (maybe I am the only one affected ?)

Undo / Redo, as well as some more minor shortcuts such as G and M are still not working for me on both Chrome, Sidekick, and Firefox on MacOS / Macbook.
I’m using an AZERTY keyboard, could that explain the bugs ?



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@Simon_JB @vadim I have exactly the same problems. Unfortunately, the whiteboards cannot be used at all. It’s just too buggy. E.g. when moving frames it can happen that all elements simply disappear, if you don’t have an undo you can start over. I wanted to draw an organization chart and almost threw my macbook out of the window


Yes, sadly I agree. It’s nice to see new features added to the Whiteboard, but they don’t really make it useful for many kinds of “real work” without some attention paid to polish of basic functions, consistency, smoothness, etc.


Glad (or sad ^^) to see I’m not the only one. I’m ok with having only a few barebones features, it’s impossible for a generalist tool like Fibery to be the best at everything ; if I need advanced things currently I turn to miro.
But there are many small, low-level usability quirks that make it a pain to use, Undo being the main one for me, but also little glitches, slowness when you move things over large distances…
Miro, Figjam, Whimsical etc are all rock-solid even on the basics of creating, resizing and moving things around, fibery is not (yet).

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Is there an ETA to fix the undo shortcut ?
Also, a new bug now : copy and pasting an item results in the new item being created not near the cursor but far below, sometimes outside of the current view.
On chrome, macOS.

Thanks for posting, I’ve added this bug. About “Undo” we are working on it, but it’s hard to say how long it will take. :frowning:

All these bugs are fixed