CHANGELOG: Aug 28 / Fields on Whiteboard cards, SCIM support

Whiteboard View: show Fields on cards

Putting Entities on a Whiteboard is a nice way to mix structured and unstructured knowledge during collaborative brainstorms.

Previously, name is all you could see on a card — not anymore:


Fields you pick apply to all cards of this Type (ex. Feature) on a particular Whiteboard.

SCIM support for SSO

Connecting Okta or another identity provider to Fibery is a great way to simplify user management and ensure that no ex-employee still has access to all the company’s secrets.

SCIM support allows you to

  1. automatically create Users before they even log in for the first time;
  2. automatically deactivate Users once they lose access.

Check out our SAML SSO guide on how to configure SCIM in your Workspace:

:sparkles: Small improvements

  • Restore deleted single- and multi-select options from the audit log.

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • Airtable integration is much more robust now.
  • Hubspot integration is more robust as well.
  • Clearing the value of a Checkbox Field in automation sets the value to false.
  • Slightly larger Apps could be shared as templates :crossed_fingers:
  • Whiteboard can be duplicated again.
  • Whiteboard doesn’t miserably crash if it has Entities of a deleted Type on it.
  • Whiteboard’s live update is more stable now.
  • Whiteboard: long cards’ names are shown their full glory.
  • New Entities can be added from the Context Timeline ... menu.
  • Debugging automation scripts is less painful because console.log is not limited to a single line.

This is fantastic! Very neat for building dashboard whiteboards. Thanks so much.


Nice! If it was interactive it would almost be a Dashboard :grin:


I have not tried yet… are they truly not interactive?

“Show” fields only – not “interact with fields” :worried:

I’ve got to figure they’ll update this quickly. Though, I have no idea what it entails to do so.

Anything Fibery can do to help users create functional access to the work being done within our apps would be valuable.

There are two level of interactive, in “dashboard mode” it would mean the view is updated if the value changes. Or interactive in the sense of editable in whiteboard view. Both makes sense.

Btw: is the fibery ui in general self updating when values change for a given open view ?

Yes, it is :+1:

Are you saying those two levels of interactive exist currently?

Super excited for this update and looking forward to seeing the fields option added to the entity tree.
I’d like to see the whiteboard view create a true OKR tracker that automatically models the relationship between results and objectives.
If we could add fields to the entity trees, we could pull this off without manually adding each objective and result to the whiteboard.

We are working on update for Tree view, units will be included for sure.


“interact with fields” — Working on it :slight_smile:


Shared Fibery’s whiteboard feature today with a COO who is definitely impressed and looking forward to future improvements.
I could see the tree view updates opening a whole new door for business management use cases.