Some Whiteboard Ideas (quick entities creations, buttons, etc)

These whiteboard upgrades are really nice!!! This makes it a lot nicer to use. I love the potential of using whiteboards within Fibery, but the previous bugs were keeping me from it completely. I have started to explore a few use cases for how my teams can use Fibery whiteboards - below is some random feedback/ideas for future upgrade consideration:

Small thoughts for regular usability:

  • Contributor permission users should be able to drag cards they’re assigned to
  • Whiteboard has a full screen option. Instead of not allowing any card navigation in full screen, small center screen entity pop-ups would be useful
  • Sorting entity trees / adding fields to entity trees
  • Conditional coloring of cards
  • Library of popular templates, which are automatically in locked mode
  • For whiteboard views in rich text field - ability to limit or default position to a frame (***I really want this one)

Bigger thoughts that would vastly increase how much I use whiteboards:

  • Frame-to-frame navigation as a presentation tool (through a Table of Contents floating block, even just next/previous buttons, or an upgrade to map tool)

  • Quick entity creation through an outline mode (like The ability to quickly create entities in whiteboard through an outline could be a huge superpower to Fibery

    • Entity field mentions would make this outline mode even more powerful, especially if you could create defaults for which type of database entity was created by it’s nested location in the outline. (example: facilitating a group brainstorm with contributor permission users. Quickly create new entities in outline mode, quickly assign them to a group or person with entity mention fields, then that person group/can move those items around and add to them)
  • Quick mass card import. Adding cards one at a time is cumbersome. Inserting entity trees is a quick way to visualize but there are situations when I don’t want to be limited to that structure. I’d rather start with that but then have the option to break out and manipulate the cards like individual entities (adding fields, modifying connection lines, etc.). Once broken, the entity tree could then become a frame.

    • An alternative search for views would be interesting for quickly importing a lot of cards. In search, choose a view and that search box becomes that view. With capability to click multiple cards and import all the ones you selected at once.
  • Whiteboard Buttons as connectable pieces. Adding on a button to a series of frames or cards linked by connection lines that allows an automation for that series of items (print button at the end of a connected line of frames to print as a single pdf, presentation buttons on different connection paths., update XYZ fields on card connection paths, an email button, etc.)

    • Similarly: formula fields that you could apply to a string of connected cards, frames, or entity trees. This would be interesting and be a good example of how powerful Fibery is to other whiteboard solutions.