[DONE] Change fields displayed by entity in whiteboard view

Hey Fibery team, great work on your product and marketing!

I’d like to be able to toggle what fields are displayed by an entity in the whiteboard view. For example, a contact card could display name and job title.

My particular use case is visualizing the status and ownership of a range of processes in a physical (manufacturing) and digital (ecommerce) space.

This would also enable the creation of dynamic org charts like this:

I’d suggest the implementation could be similar to how you can configure the visibility of fields in the “Board view”. The whiteboard should really just act like the Board View without constraints!

Is this possible?

Thank you!

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we have in plans to show fields inside a card. Unfortunately there is no ETA for this feature.

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Anything we can do to encourage a shift of that ETA? paid plan signup? Send you cookies? :blush:

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Hi all!
Glad to say that this Feature is finally here!
Here you can check more details

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