Can't resize entity cards in Whiteboard view

Hi Fibery team ! :tada:

It seems like you can’t resize entity objects in the Whiteboard view. I’m logging this as a UX bug as this is unexpected behavior for a whiteboard where all objects should be resizable (within limits).

Some example use cases are over here:

Maybe you could bundle an update together and all of a sudden Fibery will have the best digital whiteboard for working with structured data!



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That correct - at this time entity objects have a fixed shape. However we will change this soon.

thank you for your quick response :pray:

@vadim how soon is soon? :blush:

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I second this. I have basically given up Whiteboard for now, this was a very big piece that was missing. I would really like to use Whiteboard to represent entities in Fibery, not for creating diagrams that do not have an equivalent in Fibery. I can see why you’d think this was a bug as it also was very surprising to see this feature missing when I was testing out Whiteboard initially.