CHANGELOG: April 13 / Whiteboard View: Insert Cards, convert shape to Entity, Color everything

This release focuses on Whiteboard improvements and bug fixes.

:dragon_face: New Features in Whiteboard

Whiteboard is becoming more and more powerful. It lacks some important features like automatic relations creation and has some bugs, but it might be useful with current release for some cases.

Insert Entities as Cards

Now you can mix shapes and real entities from Fibery. For example, you may create diagrams to see product scope or plan future releases. There are many useful cases, we hope you will share your favorite!

Convert Blocks into Entities

The powerful capability in Fibery is that you can quickly create mind map or diagram and convert it into real work. Here we select two boxes and convert them into Initiative entity.

Borders and Colors

Set borders width and color, set shape background color.

:chipmunk: Improvements

  • Add Update Password link to the action menu in the User entity
  • Automatic Rank recalculation (no more manual Rank problem fixing)

:shrimp: Bug fixes

  • CTRL+K hotkey doesn’t work with non-English keyboard layout on Windows
  • When selecting a Type from a different App as a card, the name is displayed incorrectly
  • When I try to create Button field from Table View form closes when I click Name field
  • When adding 2+ comment, it appears twice on the screen
  • Table: navigate between columns using TAB in edit mode
  • Error when duplicating context view
  • Created-by field should not hint “Select user” as it is readonly
  • Color Coding doesn’t support multi-select
  • Replace placeholder in Activity with a better explanation

Exciting to see the next iteration of Whiteboards guys!

My use case: I am trying to build Software diagrams, so it’s great that I can set up cards that are the features in part of my platform, then draw free form diagrams around that to represent tiers (Mid-Tier, Persistence, etc.). Ideally I’d like to be able to show those as relations that I have set up in Fibery one day, but for now this is very useful already.

And speaking of relations: Is the ability to show those among entities that are not in the same app something that you are planning soon? I’d live to be able to draw a box, convert to entity, then draw another entity, and draw a line between and have an relation “create.” Or, if they’re related, have some lines or other diagram types “appear” to show those relations.


@B_Sp Relations are in progress for whiteboard. We decided to not restrict whiteboard and make it possible to see all types and all relations as well. It means you will be able to freely link entities from all apps

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That is great to hear Michael! In the earlier iterations, for my use case, I couldn’t create the diagram I was looking for, because the “outline” style diagram that resulted from hierarchical relations within apps didn’t let me connect across apps. So huge double vote for something you just confirmed you are already planning: Fibery-wide visibility!

I think I already told you guys this, but I have searched for a few years for a tool that would allow me to diagram - with directional arrows representing real relations - my full website platform, and then relate it to actual real elements. Then, have the diagram stay “live” as the platform is built. The problem with LucidChart, Miro,, etc is that there is no way to connect then to any work management app. So they don’t deal with “real” items in a system. None of them have a sensible integration with Jira or any other Dev management tools that would provide this connection to real issues and features in development. You guys have really hit on a major need here and glad to see you continue to prioritize this very unique feature!

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