Undo function doesn't work correctly in a table

If add text content to the table, then add a column and use CMD+Z the system will remove text content instead of column.

It works like this by design
Unfortunately, Undo doesn’t work for the Schema changes (can’t undelete relation or fields). Adding new column = new field = database change)
We would improve our Undo some day, but not sure soon :slight_smile:

Hi guys @Polina_Zenevich @mdubakov

two things:

  1. People use documents with some general approach (undo for instance). From this point of view, it’s a bug. Doesn’t matter if from yours it’s a feature. We spend some time checking other services. See examples below.
  2. Thank you for the technical explanation but users don’t care about this. They just say “this thing is weird, why do we use it?”.

We have been using Fibery for more than a year now. Documents feature is our pain point. We can’t attach files, use extended formatting in tables, undo makes people crazy. As the result, we have to use Google Docs and then save links inside of Fibery doc + Google Drive to save files and then post links again. This is not a good experience at all.




Microsoft Word

It seems we did the problem wrong, you mean tables inside docs. We will take a look into it. Note that we are re-working docs to be block-based, and eventually we will allow to add attachments, etc.

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BTW, so far I can’t reproduce this bug. Can you record a gif?


Is it Windows or Mac? I can’t reproduce this on Mac

macOS Monterey 12.0.1 (21A559)
Chrome Version 96.0.4664.55 (Official Build) (x86_64)


it seems we reproduced and fixed it. Will be released next week

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Fixed CHANGELOG: Dec 2 / Entity finder for automation formulas, Prevent infinite loops in formulas - #2