CHANGELOG: August 24 / Text formulas, Undo in Table View

The last two weeks were challenging in Belarus. We slowly got back to work and released a new build with some long-awaiting features. Sorry for delays, we’re doing our best under current circumstances.

:fallen_leaf: Text Formulas

Finally you can use text in formulas. For example, create a composite text field:

Name + " " + [Public Id]

or create a clever URL fields:

"" + Address

Here is the full list of text functions

  • Length(text)
    Calculates the number of characters in the text

  • Lower/Upper(text)
    Converts the text to lower/upper case

  • Left(text, numberOfCharacters)
    Extracts the desired number of starting characters from the text

  • Right(text, numberOfCharacters)
    Extracts the desired number of ending characters from the text

  • Trim(text)
    Removes starting and ending spaces from the text

  • EndsWith(text, suffix)
    Checks if text ends with a suffix

  • StartsWith(text, prefix)
    Checks if text starts with a prefix

  • MatchRegex(text, regularExpression)
    Checks if text matches a regular expression

  • Replace(text, searchFor, replacementText)
    Substitutes a matching part of the text

  • ReplaceRegex(text, regularExpression, replacementText)
    Substitutes regular expression matches in the text

:raised_back_of_hand: Undo in Table View

We are working on Undo and in this release Undo works in Table View. You can do several actions and undo them using Cmd+Z. Note that Undo works till page refresh.

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • After types move and original app uninstall there are problems with single select fields (they are deleted in fact)
  • Renaming Type leads to incorrectly renaming Lookup Field
  • Board View: axes units work incorrectly in case multiple types are selected
  • Select table cells with shift+arrows on keyboard

Great work!!!
Sorry about the rough times you’re having. Hope it all improves soon.

I know we’re always asking for more, but…if you can make the Name field capable of supporting formulas, a whole pile of issues can now be solved for me :slight_smile:

Yeah, this feature will be started soon.

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Thanks for the release guys, and echo @Chr1sG about the tough times, you are doing great work and wish you all the best pushing through. How is the Vizi team working out this month (I’m asking from having read about that in one of your great chronicles).

Vizydrop team started integrations. I hope in 1-2 months we will have solid integrations pack.

Nice to hear from you Michael and glad to hear they are contributing! Notion’s API is rumored out at the end of the quarter, but who knows what it will actually look like (or whether it will be out then). Very glad to hear you guys are focusing on this stuff. Integrations of

  • Google (or iCal) Calendar
  • Gmail
  • Github/repo tools
  • Intercom
  • and Figma

would be a dream suite of tools alongside Fibery, and I think from what you guys have published they are among your top priorities!

Take care!

Keep it up guys. Wishing you all the best in these challenging times. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all!

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The pasts few months have been similarly hard for many of us in the US. I’m sad to share in such a broken world. Thankful for you all and appreciate that you’re still working hard at an amazing product.

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