Formula Question (Text Multiplier)

I couldn’t find any other threads about this. Thank you to any advice in advance.

Text Multiplier

  • Are there any functions that would let me multiple text? My specific use case would be having emojis represent a count or length function. Currently I’m just running if loops with a max.
  • One example is aligning the list view. Subtracting the length of the previous column with dot emojis to align the next column. Another example is to build progress bars dependent that show the number of tasks completed out of a total.

Have you considered using a report view to generate such visual representations?

There are plans to update/combine the table view and list view so that the benefits of both can be combined. When this is done, column alignment shouldn’t be a problem I imagine. Unfortunately, release date is still unknown.

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There is a more compact way of generating the string than nested If’s, though it won’t address alignment issues in a List view.

You could add padding characters so the output is always the same length, like:

Left("⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐", <length>) + Left("______", 5 - <length>) 

It might work to use a non-breaking space for the filler char – Alt+0160 on Windows (numeric keypad).