CHANGELOG: September 24 / Some new formulas and some fixed bugs

New formulas: Join, Middle, Find, Greatest, Least, CountUnique, IsEmpty

Join(expression, delimiter)

Combines text values from a collection of entities into a single text

Assignees.Join(Name, ', ')

Middle(text, startAt, numberOfCharacters)

Extracts the desired number of characters from the middle of the text

Middle("Umbrella", 5, 4)

Find(text, searchFor)

Finds the first occurrence of the string in the text

Find("Where's Waldo?", "Waldo") -> 8

Greatest(value1[, value2, value3,…])

Calculates the largest number or the latest date across several values

Greatest(Appointments.Max([Creation Date], Drugs.Max([Creation Date])), Comments.Max([Creation Date]))

Least(value1[, value2, value3,…])

Calculates the smallest number or the earliest date across several values

Least(Appointments.Max([Creation Date], Drugs.Max([Creation Date])), Comments.Max([Creation Date]))


Counts the number of unique values in a collection of entities

How many teams work on Feature across all User Stories?



Checks whether value is empty

IsEmpty("") -> true

Whiteboard View: round corners for boxes

Nothing spectacular, but still aesthetically pleasing:

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Reports: Report templates don’t display for automatically selected external apps
  • Reports: It’s getting impossible to create new charts once you create a report from Trello app
  • Close mention popup when a user inserts another ‘#’ after ‘#’
  • Documents: when an entity is deleted, the mention becomes ugly
  • Formula: Wrong result (true) of MatchRegexfunction if the first parameter is text and the second parameter is empty
  • Formula: IF formula calculating a relation always produces an falsy value
  • Search: arrows hotkey also scrolls Entity View in linked highlights
  • Safari: Lanes filter crushes on the Board View in the Safari browser
  • Add “Copy URL” to view as well (at least Document)
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