CHANGELOG: May 4 / Logic in formulas, no Type restriction in Team plan

This release is modest.

Logic and Today in formulas

Finally you can create quite interesting formulas using logic functions. Today function is also added in this release. Here are some formulas examples:

Cycle Time calculation:

If([Planned Dates].End > Today(), ToDays(Today() - [Planned Dates].Start), ToDays([Planned Dates].End - [Planned Dates].Start))

Generate some text field based on conditions

If((Confidence > 10) and (Reach > 10),"Important","So-so")

Nest if functions:

If([RICE Score] >= 15,"Cool", If([RICE Score] >= 10,"OK","Bad"))

Generate checkbox (for example, you may create “Fix ASAP” field with this formula)

If((Risk = "High") and (Severity = "High"), true, false)


Last month we’ve replaced some limitations on Views with limitations on Types in Team Plan (15 Types — kind of data). We had long internal discussions around this change, but finally decided to go ahead and try it.

Our stats showed that 15 types is almost always enough for a team. But we got negative feedback. It’s a psychological problem mostly, but we want to remove all barriers for teams to make a decision to convert to paying plan. So we’ve removed Type limits from all plans:


  • Close popup windows using X icon on the right
  • Whiteboard: Card toolbar should be hidden when I start DnD new connector
  • Activity renamed to Notification

Bug fixes

  • Filter: “does not contain” does not work on relations (replaced with “is not”)
  • Filter: IsEmpty filter for Decimal field is not shown correctly
  • Filter by State.Final does not work in formulas
  • Color block in cards looks good now when color coding is enabled

Conditional logic is much appreciated! There are a few apps I abandoned until this update. Can’t wait to check it out.

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