CHANGELOG: April 27 / Dates in Formulas, Automatic Relations in Whiteboard and Rich Edit

We are working on better formulas in Fibery and this release has functions for dates.

Dates in Formulas

Finally you can do something with dates in Fibery. For example, calculate duration in days like this:

ToDays(Planned.End - Planned.Start)

Or you can subtract days from date like this

[Due Date] - Days(2)

Full list of date functions is this so far:

  • ToDays
  • ToHours
  • ToMinutes
  • ToSeconds
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Seconds
  • Min
  • Max
  • Today (coming soon).

Check Fibery formulas references.

Automatic Relations in Whiteboard

You can convert boxes into real entities on Whiteboard, but till today relations were not created. Now if you have linked types relations will be created automatically. For example, here we create Epic and Features, when you open an Epic you see that all Features are linked to this Epic:

This feature makes Whiteboard finally useful for brainstorming, ideation and fast work creation. Now we will focus on polishing and bug fixing, since Whiteboard technically has beta quality at this moment.

Automatic Relations in Rich Edit on Entity Creation

Quite often you brainstorm ideas in text. For example, you have a list of User Stories inside a Feature. You can quickly create User Stories and they will be linked to current Feature automatically:


  • Public ID in Tables look the same as everywhere (with #)
  • Templates area improved to make Template more visible and nudge installation

Bug Fixes

  • Incorrect copy-paste text from gmail to Rich Text
  • Live update for new items does not work on table view
  • Filter by does not work in formulas
  • Unit remains in loading state in collection field on object editor
  • Lookup Field Filter blocks adding new entities in the context view
  • Cannot create chart if selected type has multiselect field
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Great stuff guys!

Fantastic with the Whiteboard improvements. I noticed that it even seems to pick up with the link the correct “direction” in the hierarchy of the relation, ie if I have a one-to-many, the arrow will have a direction going from the parent to the child.

To illustrate, I have a “Task/Subtask” in one app where a Task can have many Subtasks. So in this Whiteboard image below, I actually drew the line from my subtask to the Task. However, after I did that, the arrow appeared with the direction indicating the actual true relation - from the Task to the Subtask. So very smart!

Also @mdubakov quick question when you have a moment re: Rich Edit automatic relations. I am assuming this is not quite the “Highlights” feature you guys have been working on discussed in your twitter post here, among other places:

I think this is OK for now, but I noticed it requires the relation to be pre-existing. In my use, I would like to be able to have any entity mentioned, and then have the entire block in the Rich Text around it showing in the back reference. I think I’m restating something talked about many times, but just wanted to be sure. This feature is clearly moving down that road, but the implementation is not exactly the same as “Highlights” you’ve previously talked about for now.

Thanks guys, and thanks for another excellent release! Keep up the great work, exciting!

Great job guys! Are we really limited to just to subtraction? Or am I missing something?

In this example, I want to keep track of when I should follow up with someone.

[Initial Contact Date] + Days(2)

@Nathalie_Collins You can have this formula for sure, by subtraction we mean when you try to subtract dates. For example, EndDate - StartDate makes sense, but StartDate + EndDate - not to much :slight_smile:

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@B_Sp Highlight feature just started today (development). There will be two parts:

  1. Back-references for all mentioned entities
  2. Highlights (when you select text and link text to some entity).

I hope we will release something in 1 month.

Michael, great, always very appreciative of your guys’ transparency about what you’re working on.

Can’t wait to see this feature, keep up the great work on your amazing innovative approach to Work Management, this is one of your best ideas!

Michael & team, sorry for so many questions but I wanted to post here in the community again as this may be of interest to other users trying the Back-References feature:

I noticed that if I have a many-to-many relation set up, it appears the automatic reference does not populate, is that right?

So here the relationship hasn’t populated to the “Collection” area I set up, but it’s a many-to-many:

I noticed if I switch back to many-to-one, it will pick up that relation.

Is this a limitation you guys anticipate being permanent? I would like to use this in both many-to-many and many-to-one instances!

Thanks and sorry to ask so many questions lately, just trying to master the nuances of Fibery!