Deleted rows in table: no undo? Really?

Hi all. I just deleted 40 odd rows of data in a table accidentally. It was very easy to do and I wasn’t even asked if I was sure. Now I can’t find an undo button anywhere. Has anybody got any idea if I can recover this data and if so how?

Many thanks


@RobinLS This is strange, since Cmd/Ctrl + Z should work. I just tried it locally. Note that it works till you stay on Table view only. If, for example, you navigated to some other view and then fo back to table, undo will no longer work

I did navigate away from that view before I realised what I’d done.

Honestly, if I can’t have some way of rolling back the system to where it was before the accidental data deletion, this is fast becoming a deal breaker. I definitely won’t be the biggest moron using Fibery at my company, that’s for sure.

My understanding is that there is absolutely no data backup at all??

I’ve had to add the data into it manually because the Zapier form integration doesn’t work with multiple select fields.

I want to use Fibery as a database of people who’ve completed a signup form on a website. That should be a reasonable request for such a sophisticated tool but I can’t get it to work efficiently.

We do have backups, but they are for emergency situations. In your case we should implement soft delete and an option to recover entities from recycle bin, this is not done yet.

As for backups, we will add an option to create local backups in near future, you will be able to export an app and recover it if required.

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Soft delete - exactly. In this case I have spent hours and hours manually entering data because no suitable form integration. And with one stupid click it’s all gone. Boom.

I’m really sorry for your experience :frowning: If it is not too late, we may check the backup and recover your database (not sure we have a good copy based on timing though…)

Well thank you for being responsive. And soft delete really can’t come soon enough.

For this tool to be the success it deserves to be, it needs to be used by people who don’t think like computer programmers. I.e. reasonably idiot-proof.

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Also, I would have thought that having a form that people can fill in and integrate with Fibery to use as a database was a fairly core requirement.

Just found this while surfing the community, would really like to see Recycle Bin prioritized (from this quote):

Along with some related stuff like Change Entity from one Type to another, which, to go with @RobinLS’s point here:

is very important. My team is constantly creating Entities in the wrong type as they learn our Fiber Set up, and it’s very cumbersome to have to go back and delete those, because now there is no way to move them to the right Type.