[Board View] use standard expand/collapse toggle affordance for column/row headings


Currently, single-clicking on column/row headings in board view shows/hides items of that column/row. However, many users will intuitively click on the heading to navigate to that entity and would rather expect a standard expand/collapse icon beside the column/row headings to expand/collapse them.

Therefore, I suggest the following:

  1. Add a small, standard expand/collapse icon (+/-) at left of each column/row heading. This will act as the intuitive affordance for expanding/collapsing the column/row.

  2. Clicking on the column/row heading will show the entity detail popup/sidepanel for that entity. This will be a great help for navigability, viewing and modification of the column/row entities (rather than the two-step process of clicking on the menu and then selecting “Open {type}”.


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