Aggregate totals / limits in Columns in Board view

In columns and rows in board view, a configurable aggregate field can allow for aggregate calculations like total, average, etc. of any specific field of the items that the column contains in any given filtered or unfiltered view. For example, total number of estimate points or hours or time remaining for items.

WIP Limit - style limits can be configured too, that will visually show if such a limit has been crossed by the calculated total.

This is an essential feature for sprint planning or any timebox planning.


Yes I agree with this. I’d like to be able to bring in cards/entities into Sprint Planning and see the estimations roll up so I can tell how many hours or points are in the Sprint without having to add manually. Hoping to see this soon!

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Seconded! I was about to request this – it would be super helpful for prioritization and capping sprints etc.


Well, and for sales pipeline or list, Totals first.

Hi there!
We are on the way to reach your request :hugs:
We’ve just released Custom units in lanes, that looks like this:

So, you can easily show on the board fields, you need.

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