[DONE] Column Calculations in Table view

Hi again,

I wanted to ask about calculations at the bottom of columns in Table View. I assume this is on the Roadmap, but I haven’t see the official request.

I think this is an obvious one, and the image illustrates how it typical works.

I often have a need in some datatypes that are not “work” to get tallies, so could really use this!


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Just wanted to flag up another mention of this basic functionality!


I’ve required something similar, with a table outlining how much time me and my partner have spent in total as we are trying to stick to a time budget.

In my case I was fine with instead making a report that basically gave the same view, with the addition of the summaries, but you kill off the opportunity to have the information readily available from where you are and interact with the data.

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While using tables with different amounts it’s good to have roll-up total.

Is that possible to do? Below is example from the Notion:

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It’s not possible yet. Moved to feature suggestion category.


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Yes, but the problem here is that problems should be split. Group and total are two different problems.

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@Chr1sG any updates on total?

For reference, Airtable has a very good implementation of this: https://support.airtable.com/hc/en-us/articles/203313975-The-summary-bar

Screen Recording 2020-08-06 at 08.01.49 AM


We are actually working on an improvement to Table view which will support a fair few features that people are asking for, including grouping, and column calculations, but at the moment, there is no ETA, sorry.


Is there an ETA today on this? It would be incredibly useful, even on mouseover or via the 3 dot screen of a column header.
Heck, even clicking the 3 dot screen, “Sum total”, and then it’ll open a pop-up or console.log it if in a browser would be useful.

No ETA yet

The good thing is we are working on new Grid View and eventually it will be introduced. My hopes are ~3 months.

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Just wanted to check in if you guys had an update on this…seems you are very close! After 4+ years in Fibery my team actually has its biggest need ever to calculate totals, especially now with the improved table view that allows much more spreadsheet functionality!

And I know I’m in a different topic here, but a ton of great stuff in your latest release, wow! Keep it coming guys you have really started to make amazing headway these days!

We will work on Tables in Q1 2024. So I hope it will be done.