Improvements to table view

I’m really glad to see the table view got batch delete options and soon batch copy-paste, however I would like to request a few other features that we need quite a lot.

  1. Speed improvements, especially on scrolling and creating new items - even for small datasets the scrolling is laggy, the new scrolling performance for card views is amazing… this is what I would expect on tables as well. When creating a new item, it’s also slow - i understand it waits to create a new entity but it should be the other way around, to let user insert the data and later create the entity so there won’t be that delay.

  2. Row grouping in table view - that’s super important to both view the data structured better and also to create easier new entities under that group

  3. Column for files field - just yesterday i saw another guy searching for a tool that does this on a Facebook group. Very useful to download/view much easier the attachments of an entity.

  4. Column for rich-text fields - i know this was request a few times. I’ll put it here because it’s quite important and super useful.


I would say that even more pressing than this list (which is quite awesome) is the ability to freeze the first column and have it scroll with the table.
Then later, to freeze multiple columns

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I agree with all and @helloitse that’s a key one too if you want to have real high-volume data management here in Fibery

@Jean you are right there are quite a few related requests in the community, I trust @mdubakov and team are noting them all and hopefully the tables will become a refined, cornerstone view of Fibery shortly! Good to get another summary!

Hi guys,

I wanted to suggest in here is there something you could do more short-term to have the “Simple Text” field, this one:

Image 2020-07-22 at 2.58.58 PM.png

with some more capability in Table view? Some things that would help a great deal:

  • Ability to add a “manual” bullet point by pressing “shift” + “Enter” and not leaving the focus out of the field in the table. The “shift” + “enter” is a pretty standard way in apps such as Intercom, etc. to say in focus in the current field when creating a new line. I see this works when the card is actually open, but not when entering in Table View;

  • Ability for the “#” mention to work, so you could mention other entities. I see this doesn’t work when the card is open, nor in Table view.

I was just thinking that these additions could help the Simple Text take on more use in varied views, without having to wait for the implementation of Rich Text visibility in Tables, which may be a more complex implementation.

@jean your thoughts?

Thanks Guys!