Table View tweaks to improve usability

  • During cell editing, adopt “standard spreadsheet behavior” for TAB and Shift+TAB; I.e., finish editing the current cell and move to the next/previous cell. If at the end of the row, move to the first cell in the next row; If at the end of the last row, create a new entity.

  • For RTF columns, allow editing the cell value via a small, fast popup. It would be very useful to allow quick, seamless entry/editing of RTF field contents without having to open the entity view (even if that means we can’t do complete RTF formatting).

  • For RTF columns, replace the “page icon” currently displayed in the cell with the actual (truncated) text value. Even unformatted text would be preferable to nothing.



This would be also very helpful for tables within documents/rich text fields :smile:

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