Table view Comments field - sort and last N display option

I’d like to suggest: In a Table view… for the Comments field, you consider adding:

  • ability to sort in reverse chronological, so the last comment shows up on the left
  • ability to show just the “last N” comments in either chronological or reverse chronological order

I hope you might consider.

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me too consider this very good ideas , more user friendly , i like very much , our figery forum notification , comments updated also made possible fibery feature not onçy tablwes , all comments based , notification based in other app too such as wiki

I’d like to support this request. ClickUp has a great implementation here:

I think all these comment-based types of fields would be very useful:

  • last comment - great for seeing the most recent update to an entity, in particular a project

  • ability to click in and add comment without opening entity. This is also very useful.

Thanks guys and hoping to get your support on this!

Wanted to bump this up and add some more context here:

Asana has a great way to show “Update,” which are basically comments, around its Portfolio and Projects features. These are easily replicated in Fibery.

I think this is one of the very best features of Asana, and in fact a differentiator that nobody else offers among Wrike, ClickUp, Monday, Hive, etc. etc.:

It allows you to see in a list view relevant “in progress” Projects, and see their latest update, without the need to drill into each and lose context of the whole group.

So would love to see a Field “comments” that we could display in Table View. Would go great with seeing Rich Text in table view.


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Interesting that it seems to be combined with the “status”. Is that how you interact with it, change the status and enter a comment? Or at least is the comment kind of associated with the status in the UI?

I definitely would like to see comments (the existing ones, probably) as a displayable field in Tables (and possibly elsewhere, cards?).

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Hey another astute observation!

Asana stepped up their game with this. Originally there was no inclusion of the comments in that column, just the current status. But the combo status/comment visual is very nice.

But yes, I think we would be well-served in Fibery to simply have the comment available in Table view, and you could create something equally effective, as we’d have custom statuses, via Workflow Extension, which Asana doesn’t offer, and you could just move that in the Table view to be next to your comment’s field. ClickUp’s approach is more that way, but ClickUp is insufficient here as well as you can only do this on the Task level. So here you see when comparing both cases how Fibery is superior in getting an even better view for a team.

All we need now is the ability to see Comments as an available field in Tables, along with Rich Text as I mentioned earlier.

This could all pull together wonderfully with some wrapping capabilities around these requests:

and your very relevant request!:

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