"Comments" Field Type

I’d like to add a request for a “comments” field type.

This would be particularly useful in Table view, and possibly Collections as they begin to get more “spreadsheet” - like visibility, such as inclusion of Rich Text fields, and generally some Notion-style inline editing capability.

With the “Comments” column, you could have a very powerful “Project Summary” view for example, where thanks to the comments field, you could display at a glance the most recent comment for each entity in the list. This would frequently be used for, say, project updates. So you could see all project updates in one succinct view, very useful! And you can’t do this in Notion or Coda…

ClickUp has a nice “comments” field type, I think something like this would be great.

Hoping this makes sense to the Fibery team. And @Jean, @Shafqat_Ullah and @helloitse, and of course any other fellow community members, would love to get your feedback on this as well!

Just closing the loop here on two related requests, would like to bump this up along with a way this would work which I also just commented on over here:


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