June 27, 2024 / 💜 Workspace Q&A, Totals row in Table View for numeric fields (experimental)

:crystal_ball: Workspace Q&A (with AI)

Introducing our all-new, built-in AI assistant — Workspace Q&A. This innovative tool seamlessly combines GPT-4’s extensive general knowledge with your unique Fibery workspace data, empowering you to effortlessly interact with your databases and documents.

Uh, AI wrote it, so let’s switch back to human language. With Workspace Q&A you can:

  1. Explore Databases Content and Structure: For example, ask “Show features in progress” or “Show me new tasks assigned to me this week”.
  2. Perform Aggregations: Simply ask for calculations like “Total orders income this month” and receive instant answers.
  3. Summarise Content: Ask questions like “Give a brief overview of active projects” and get concise, comprehensive summaries.
  4. Create View for discovered data.

Uh, now even humans write like AI agents… Access Workspace Q&A quickly via the “AI Assistant” located at the top of the left menu.


  • It does not work well if you have many databases, like 200+.
  • So far sessions are not saved anywhere, it will be added in the next release.
  • Semantic search improves answers quality for some questions.
  • It is still relatively dumb…

Totals row in Table View for numeric fields (experimental)

Now at the bottom of every numeric column in Table View, you can run calculations that will show you some aggregated information: Sum, Avg, Min, Max, Count.


This feature is experimental so far. You can enable it in Settings → Experimental Lab.


  • Totals are calculated only for expanded (visible) rows so far. So if you have groups, totals are not good yet.

Change Field Visualization on Most Views

Previously, we introduced the option to switch field visualizations on the Entity View using the Display as > menu. We have now expanded this feature to other views. The Display as > menu is now available through the “Fields” menu on Lists, Boards, Timelines, Calendar, Feed, and Map.


Whiteboard guides

Whiteboard guides will help you align objects, place object on equivalent distance and organize them in a more pleasant way.

2024-06-27 14.11.51

Enable guides in top right menu and drag some objects to see how it works.

Access rich text field in collections in markdown templates

Now you can access rich text fields in collections attached to an entity in markdown templates in automations and AI prompts. What does it mean?

For example, you have a list of Highlights linked to some Feature. So you can create an AI prompt that will take content of all these highlights and generate a feature spec for you based on customers problems.

And here is the prompt, for the reference. Maybe you will find it useful.

You are a very experienced product manager. You need to write a good specification for a feature "{{Name}}" based on customers requests. Let's work on this step by step.
First, generate a short list of main problems based on customers feedback Make problems unique, do not repeat them. Generate a list of problems via bullet points. Here is the customers feedback below:
{- Highlights:Highlight -}
Next step. Now merge similar problems and return a list of main problems only. No more than 5 problems.

Next step. Now think and invent a feature specification for feature {{Name}} that will solve the problems above.

Return in the following template:

## Problems
[list of main problems above as bullet points]

## Solution
[brief solution overview]

### Key use cases
[enumerate major use cases for this feature as a bullet points list]

### References
[Provide a list of software tools where this problem is solved with links to home page]

Here are few examples how to access rich text fields:

  • Get all highlights content: {- Highlights:Highlight -}
  • Get all bugs descriptions linked to a feature: {- Bugs:Description -}
  • Get all meeting notes content linked to a project: {- Project:Summary and Notes -}

:snail: There is a limit of 100 entities in a collection, so if you have large collections it will just cut remaining entities due to performance limitations.

Improvements & fixed bugs

  • Now you don’t have to be an Admin to configure automatic access via a User Field (e.g. Assignees), you just need the right permissions.
  • Error on adding sub-item via shift+enter.

Amazing update. Excited to try the new AI as well as table numeric rows :face_holding_back_tears:

Definitely need a way to save chat history. Maybe it should be possible to at least convert a chat to an entity for safe keeping?

Also hope to support more than 200+ databases.


We’re already working on it


Hey guys,

I can’t see any options to activate table-sum under setting → experimental.
Did you deploy the feature? (looking forward to seeing this feature for ages)

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We did but forgot to change one flag. Now it should be live. Refresh Experimental Lab page please

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Wheeeeee, whiteboard guides! Thanks for that! :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, what a release! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I really love the total rows in table views! :grin::grin::grin:

So far I have the following feedback

  • After I turned on the experimental feature, the total row was added to all table views with numbers. For some of them, it’s really handy. But I also have a lot of views where it’s clutter. Would it be possible to turn it on/off for a table?
  • That would be also handy for the tables where we use a lot of groups. I don’t know what your plans are (maybe turn on/off per group?), but I can imagine that for some groups that we have it will always be a challenge because we combine a lot of (different) data in a view. We would like to have the possibility to turn the total row off in those cases.
  • And in addition to that; it would also be handy to be able to turn off per field. I have a lot of places where it doesn’t make sense for every field to show a total/sum/count/etc.

Example activity tracker → for two columns the total is clutter, for the last field it’s handy


Absolutely amazing! Love to see AI assistant get out of beta. Looks clean!

One thing that bothers me a bit is the fact that to send it is CMD+Send. (Same bother with threads and comments btw). It feels like a chat, not an email. Most chat apps from what I know are the opposite behaviour. Maybe just me!

Playing with it some more:
I feel like it doesn’t remember context so well. “Find Tasks Assigned to Me” it does well. But when asking, “Which are highest priority” it pulls also tasks which are not assigned to me.

Will the AI assistant leak my space data with GPT-4?

It works quite similar to text assistant, it creates a prompt in the end and some data is a part of this prompt. So yes, when you ask it something it can be sent to OpenAI.

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This is true, it does not handles context well so far. We tried many approaches but no great success here yet. We will try some more.


So all my data in my databases will be sent to OpenAI as prompt?
I’m very concerned about privacy issues, will there be an option for a local LLM?

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No, only relevant for current request. For example, if you ask “what was discussed in last 10 meetings”, then content of these 10 meetings can be send to OpenAI.

Maybe someday, but right now we are not sure even in usefulness of many AI features :slight_smile: First we should prove that it indeed provides enough value to invest into it.


However, how does Fibery get which are the most recent 10 meetings? Does Fibery need to use AI to find the latest 10 meetings, and what method is used to search for them?

Here Fibery knows your database schema and tries to generate a correct query. Schema or part of the schema can be send to OpenAI as well, but usually it does not contain any sensitive information. And the same trick works to generate formulas via AI, for example.

So this model will read title and content in Rich text field then re-write it in Description field. Is it overwrite or overlaps with existed texts ?

The example given can to be used in an automation.
It will read the contents of the rich text field in all linked highlights.
The output of the AI will be deposited in whichever rich text field is chosen in the automation, and the action will be overwrite or append as you choose.

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Love the new table summary feature! I’m hoping this will be extended to group-summaries as well and dynamic selection sums (like in Excel – you select 5 rows out of ten or so and get sum/avg/min/max for the selection in a status bar). That would be super handy for estimating and planning lists of tickets.

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In addition to this :arrow_up:

For us it would be really helpful that the total rows are default off in the workspace.

If I look at the (large amount of) table grid views we have, it’s currently in 30% very handy and really nice.

But in 70% of the cases it’s confusing and clutter. Example below is a setting database (where user can fill in a percentage and a leadscore for that percentage).

In those places it’s confusing and it’s so much work to turn it off in each and every embedded/relation view we have.

For us, it would be really helpful to turn it on ourselves per view (and then also decide what’s the best setting; most of the time ‘SUM’ isn’t).