[DONE] Row grouping and total row in table view

I am wondering if it would be possible to add the ability to use one of the fields for an entity to group rows and to setup a total row for each group:

This would be similar to the total row in Excel tables where you can calculate some values like sum, count, average, etc.

The board view already has the “row” option which allows cards to be grouped together:

The total row would be great to have regardless of grouping and it would be fantastic if the calculations could be updated based on filtered rows (i.e. if you were counting the rows, the count would get updated when rows were filtered out).

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@cannibalflea We do have this idea in mind to set aggregate fields for rows. However it is hard to say when we will implement it.

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@mdubakov thanks for considering it. I think it would be a great addition to the tables.

I was wondering if it is possible to allow more field types to be used for the row configuration in the board view (see the second image in my post above). Currently it seems only relations and workflow fields can be used. I know those fields are controlled by more limited/defined terms, but in some cases it might be helpful to group by other fields (like a text/number field for year).

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@cannibalflea I concur with building more substance around what are already very solid board views we have in Fibery.

I was wondering with this:

are you talking about something where you’d have a tally next to the Row name, perhaps tally of the total entities in the row? Or something connected with tally of certain fields in the row? Or both? So for example:

  • You could see the total number of entities that this row is filtered for, like Coda does it:

  • And on top of that, you could calculate say a total estimated hours in a Sprint, by calculating for the row the total of a field in the entities that are filtered into the row? So say you set up a field “estimated hours” and then you’d have the total calculated out of those fields showing here in the board?

I’d even take that a step further, hopefully down the road when we get some Automations, to allow you to put in a total you’d like to see, and then next to that total, the “running” total as you add entities into that row. This way you could plan a Sprint by saying “I’d like 40 hours total into this Sprint,” and then as you add entities into the row, you’d see if you go over that desired total. This type of functionality could also become available in a custom App that would be for development that might include some of the other stuff @mdubakov was talking about here:

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I was wondering if there had been any advances made on this request. It continues to be a pain point for me.

I know that vizydrop supports this in some ways, but I don’t think this is a feature that is limited to reporting only. There are numerous situations where I filter tables and use counts/sums/etc. to just check for data inconsistencies/errors and being able to actually change the data in the table view is really helpful (something that you can’t do in reports/visualizations).

Apologies for bumping this up.

No, there were no updates.
Vizydrop has Tables as well and there it works like a charm, so that is a nice workaround.

We still can’t give any eta for this feature, unfortunately - but noted all the requests :muscle:

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Perhaps I have misunderstood the need, but is it not possible to achieve something close by creating a formula field in the type that is being grouped by, and setting the field as visible for the row grouping.

Obviously, it doesn’t take into account any filters applied to the board view, but if you regularly used a specific filter criterion, you could create a formula to sum based on this filter.

Apologies, I wasn’t clear in my new post, I am specifically looking at having grouping and aggregation in the table view rather than the board view, similar to what monday.com offers:

The above implementation has a major disadvantage in that grouping rows has to be done manually or by setting up individual automation rules. As you pointed out, it is already possible to define row groupings in board view, so I was hoping that could be made available in the table view (with ability to expand collapse the row groups instead of just hiding them, which I think would be a good thing for the board view too).


This is good feedback, I support these ideas! But in general I think it is best to open a new topic for only tangentially related feature requests (in this case it is about table view, but otherwise not really related to original topic).

Totally agree :slight_smile: Apologies for that. I have created a new topic and moved the content over.

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Row grouping in tables like Clickup has is super helpful, the data is better structured as a table many times and grouping them makes it much easier to read. Is there any work in progress for such feature?


Hi, Jean!
We had done almost nothing to our Table View, telling the truth. And not sure this feature would appear soon.
We have two workarounds for now (workarounds only, the native solution is still in the backlog)

  1. User Tables in Charts - they have such a possibility (yep, I even mentioned that already, sorry for pointing here again)

  2. Since last year we’ve added one more unique View - Hierarchical List. It also helps to group items nicely

Thanks for rising the question again - noted :slight_smile:


The problem with any feature inside Charts is the refresh…for something used frequently is annoying as you’re waiting 2-3 seconds until it loads… I understand technically that data must be updated, but as a user experience is not great. Maybe you’ll find a way technically to update the DB used for charts instantly when items included in the DB are updated/added/removed so we don’t have to wait for a refresh each time.

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Would also really like to see this supported directly in the table view.


Yep I’d love this feature too. Tables are very convenient to quickly fill properties (in this sense they’re better than lists, esp. If group calculations are implemented) , while grouping allows for similar functionality as a boards while having IMO better info density

Notion, Coda, ClickUp, Monday, Height all have it


Giving my vote, because it is the only thing missing for me to start using Fibery as a personal planner. (GTD-style)

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Really would love this feature. Asana also has it.

Especially if this can be integrated within an entity as a view:


grouping is essential to having a great overview. funny how fast you run into workflow problems using a new tool when coming from another.

currently just trying to get a simple task - sub-task list to show subtasks grouped together with their parent task. yes - i can view them when clicking on a task - but this is not user friendly …

will table view updates come any time soon?

(as my tasks dont have a hirachy other than having another task as a parent task its not possible to have it in the list view where i would love to have this … or am i missing something?)

Self relations are possible in list view. Enable with the circular arrow:


amazing!!! thanks so much. this is at least in list view a solution. next up table view! :slight_smile:

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