Sprint Board with Calculated Estimates roll-up

I would like to be able to see on the top of columns I use on a Board to represent a Sprint a total of estimated hours in the stories in the respective column. Jira has a very useful feature where it will automatically calculate the total hours as you add issues to a specialized Sprint Board they have.

Before I create a feature request for this, could you let me now if this is actually possible now?

This is similar to Reported Objects count incorrect in boards, in that this is a typical feature of kanban boards that would be great to have in Fibery for software teams. Thank you!

It sounds like you should add a formula field to calculate the total hours, and then enable that field in board view…
or have I missed something?

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I tried to do a similar thing and hit a wall because the formula doesn’t seem to have a way to incorporate the filters in place on the board, so the calculation was incorrect.


Yes, like @mwatkins I don’t see the formulas as available fields on the columns - which in this case were the “state.” Thanks!

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You actually can add fields to the columns! You have to open the column as an entity, then you can create a formula field and select to display it in the board view.

But when you create those formula fields, it doesn’t seem like you can apply the filters you set on the board view within the formula, which means that what you’re seeing isn’t actually a rollup of what’s displayed in the column.

Apologies if these are two separate issues and I misunderstood.

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The State field (and all single or multi select fields) are in fact databases, just hidden from the space configuration. As you noted, it is possible to add fields (including formulas) to them.
Such formulas are not view-specific though.
We have in the backlog a feature to allow view-specific calculations, but no ETA I’m aftaid.

Thanks @Chr1sG. Would that item in the backlog you mention solve Reported object count is incorrect?

I hope so :crossed_fingers:

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