In Boards, Sub-Fields at Column/Row intersections

You guys have a World Class Board view, a real differentiator and one of my favorite features in Fibery.

I was wondering if you have thought about enhancing Boards even further with the ability to add in some Field Visibility at the intersection of Rows and Columns?

One example is a Team Task Board.

I have a set up, which may be common, of the Tasks organized at the top by State, and in the lanes by User. With the new Fields Visible on Columns and Rows in boards, I can now do something where I can see the total Tasks “In Progress,” for example.

However, in using this type of set-up, my team has seen that it would be very useful to have a view on the Rows of how many Tasks per row

point about tallying sub columns, so we can see how many tasks are on a particular person in the swim lanes. Otherwise we can’t easily see how many Tasks each User has in each State, a very useful piece of information.

If there is a way to handle this already that I’m missing, would be glad to find out how to do this!

Hope that makes sense and thanks!

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Interesting idea and does seem useful.

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Great, glad you think so!

Hi! :sunny:
That is smth we wanted to develop together with custom units on the board view. But this feature is more complicated than it looks at the first glance, so it is in the Icebox now and we are collecting requests and checking interest from users.
So, got your 2 votes guys, thanks!