When adding Entity to filtered Board, entity does not automatically meet filter criteria

Hi there, I’ve noticed that when I create a Board and add filters to it (e.g. a board for the Type “Tasks”, filtered to tasks related to a particular Type “Project”), the new entities I add within this Board don’t automatically have that relationship to that project filled in.

This makes it time consuming to add tasks that match several criteria, since I have to create them then go back and manually set the same criteria on each. This is the last real blocker that’s stopping me from continuous use of Fibery for all my task management.

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@metricSparrow We have this bug in a backlog. So far you can try to use Context Views Context Views | Fibery Help Center

If you’ll create a context board with Tasks inside Project, then relation will be correct.

I’ll give that a shot in the mean time, thanks :slight_smile: