Relation Filter - Prevent Self Relation

I was wondering if it is possible to set a relation filter that would exclude “This Record”?

In cases where you have a hierarchical relation to the same type (Project → Sub Project), it seems Fibery allows user to setup a relationship from the parent entity to itself. This was surprising for me since I thought the relation field would exclude the entity itself from the possible options. I’m sure there is a reason why the entity itself is not automatically filtered out (this thread seems to discuss a situation where this might be needed), but is there a way that creators could set this up in case they don’t want to have self-relations (especially if this results in infinite loops in other formula fields)? I tried to see if I can filter by Public Id Not Equal to This Record -> Public Id , but that option didn’t seem to exist.

Can you show what you mean? I can’t get an entity to link to itself

This is what I thought and how I had experienced fibery relations in the past. I think this might be a bug with relation filters because when there are no filters setup, I do not get the option to link to self:

However, the moment I setup a relation filter (based on the Channel relation), then all of a sudden, the entity itself appears on the list:

And fibery actually lets you self-relate:

Thanks for the extra info.
It is indeed a bug that we ought to fix (it shouldn’t be possible to link an entity to itself)

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