[APPROVED] Relationships filter

It would be great to be able to create a Relation column that only shows a filtered subset of the relevant Type.

So for example, a relation column that only shows Tasks that are already marked “done,” or Expenses that are greater than $100. Etc.


I think something similar was talked about last month:

Is this close to what you’re talking about @Travis ?

@Chr1sG I think so, although it’s not super clearly stated in that thread.

The exact feature I’m hoping for was just released by Google Tables. Not that I’m going to abandon Fibery, but this video clearly shows the functionality I’m describing: https://youtu.be/uQd5ynbzKLk

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s the same idea :slight_smile:

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@Travis and @Chr1sG I think this well describes what you are looking for as well?

You can see in that post a few more examples of the exact same request, which are actually marked “done” but I don’t think they are…

This is also a cornerstone of Notion, although the closed equivalent to “Collections” in Notion is probably a “Linked Database” which doesn’t actually work as well, I think, as in Fibery - for example, there is no automatic relation between a Linked Database and the Page in Notion where you add the Linked Database. But you can do all kinds of filtering, sorting etc. in there that you can’t do in Fibery right now.

I also think colleague @Oshyan is looking for similar functionality with [DONE] Embed Custom Views into Entity View


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I think that functionality is slightly different, since it relates to filtering the display of linked items so that only a subset is shown.
I believe what Travis is looking for (and me too) is the ability to define the subset of entities that you are allowed to link to, based on a filter.


@Chr1sG That’s correct!

An “Automatically Link” relation currently requires the fields from each entity to be EQUAL.

If this requirement was relaxed to allow more flexible rules, would that provide everything we need?

E.g. allow automatic linking with rules like, “field-A is a substring of field-B”, or “field-A is not one of the following values”.

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The automatic linking option means that the tool links to everything that matches the filter without any input from the user (giving a read-only field).
I think the original request is for the tool to limit the available options that the user can pick from (but it’s still an editable field).
So even if the auto-link rules were more flexible, it wouldn’t meet the need that Travis (and I) have.

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We have this in plans under “Filter relation field selector in Entity View” feature.


Is this feature planned for the nearly future?

Unfortunately no plans for the next 3 months.

Hello, just checking if this feature is still planned or if the “block” feature would somehow replace it ?

If you have user stories linked to a feature for instance, you can open the feature and see the list of all user stories but you cannot :

  • filter that list (to exclude finished stories for instance)
  • order that list (by status for instance)
  • edit an assignment or a status from this story without opening it first

Another way to do that with the future “blocks” feature might be to create a template for all features that embeds a custom view of all stories attached to those features (this view being sortable or filterable). Is it planned this way ?


Yes, this is exactly what Blocks will deliver eventually. The roadmap is this:

  1. Deliver experimental Page with just Text + Table blocks
  2. Add blocks to Entity View and default templates
  3. Add more blocks.

I hope it will take us ~2 months to do it all.


Hmm, not on the Public Roadmap?

Switching the collection field to a ‘relation view’ will probably cover this.


This feature is done, I believe.

Yes and no.
We have relation filters for to-one relations, but not for to-many fields.

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