[✔︎ DONE] Entity View "Sublist" filtering

If an entity has other entities connected, when I open the entity and view it, I can see the lists of other entities that are linked.

Currently, it appears that all such linked items are visible, no matter what their workflow state, but, this is going to get unwieldy quickly, for something like a “Contract” entity, with lots of tasks linked to it. In that case, I might want to see Closed tasks for a little while but, after a month or so, they are not relevant.

Any way to allow us to control how the entity view looks, so that if we need to, we can limit the display to for instance “workflow state = not closed” or, “all tasks except tasks closed > 30d in past”?


Hi Guys,

I noticed this recently picked up a “done” status. I wasn’t sure if I understood the request exactly, but as I understand does it refer to being able to filter which related entities show in an Entity’s “Connections” area?

Right now, I only see the ability to control which fields show from the list of related entities:

If indeed the intention is to further filter this list, that would be a very nice feature.

I am filtering related entities another way via context views right now, but could be useful to do that right here in the card/details view, too.


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