[Board View] Limit Visible Entities in Board View

I have a personal board I’m using for general tasks, which is all tasks assigned to me by priority (row) and state (column). The most general way to describe my issue is that I’d like to constrain how many items are shown in a particular column, while still having access to see the ones hidden without impacting the board configuration.

The use case is that I have is showing the Done state so I have access to what was recently completed and can drag tasks to that column, but I don’t need to see every task ever completed by me. I can create a filter to limit to what was completed recently since we can now Automatic add of “Completed Date” on an Entity, but it would be nice in general to limit the height of the columns. If I used the same kind of view with a larger team, the relative date filter would need to be very constrained to avoid having too many items showing in the Done state column.

Fibery already has similar functionality for paging in the Entity view, where you can click to load more items beyond the initial chunk of them. So, a mock-up to be more specific about what I’m describing would be:



If this was implemented, I do think it would be good to leave this setting on a per column/row basis, so you can constrain the less important columns as needed, rather than it being applied across the board.

Could this need be addressed by the missing “paging” functionality that is also sorely needed in, e.g. entity view collections?

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Yeah, that is essentially what I’m suggesting is to support using something similar to the paging functionality that is used for entity view collections. Now, to say it is paging is a little overstating it, since it is truncated to some initial number, then it expands to everything. I think in both cases you’d want to improve that so it is like "Show Next of ", but might need a little work to make more concise.

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