Automatically Link Similar w/o Self

When using automatic linking relationship to the same database, I can’t figure out how to make it not link itself.

My use case:
I’m testing a new meeting format where I use a form to create a new [meeting] (from a type) and it automatically creates new [meeting minute] entities based on templates.

  • Example: Create Project Review Meeting (via form add), open up the new [meeting] entity and there will be new [minutes] entities for that meeting (schedule, procurement, constraints, etc.). I view these [minutes] in Feed view so I have structured segments to take notes.

I want this instead of one big rich text field because I want the [minute] entities to have automatic self relations. To automatically link together if it’s for the same [project], attached to the same type of [meeting], and created from the same [minute] template.

  • Continued Example: Open up the schedule [minutes] in this week’s project [meeting] entity. This schedule [minutes] entity has a Feed view of all previous project review schedule notes.

My problem is that automatic linking only has = and not a != option. So if I open up the [minute] in the [related minutes] to-many block it has itself. I could create a formula lookup, but those don’t have the to-many block view options.

If I understand correctly, when looking at one ‘minutes’ entity, you want to be able to see a feed view of all previous ‘minutes’ entities from the same project, of the same type.
At the moment, yes, an auto relation would link all entities of the same type in the same project, including itself.

Here’s my suggestion: create a new formula field as follows.

Id of latest minutes of same project and type:

If(Date = Project.Minutes.Filter(Type = [This Minutes].Type).Max(Date),“”,Project.Filter(Type = [This Minutes].Type).Sort(Date).Last().[Public Id])

This field will be empty for the latest minutes entity of a specific type in a given project, but will give the Public Id of the latest minutes entity for all other project minutes of the same type.

Then you can just make an auto-relation (one-to-many) that matches ‘Public Id’ field with ‘Id of latest…’

Without knowing the exact details of your db setup, I might have got some of the relation/field names wrong, but I hope you get the idea.

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Thank you!

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